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Bette Davis Eyes

Lately, whenever an artist has done a cover of another song, I dismissed it as 'Some ass hole trying to break through on HypeMachine." I think some band covered the top song on ELBO.WS for a month or two. It was pretty STUPID.

Anyways, KNICKEN posted about Sexton Blake a while ago, and I was pretty into a few of their covers. Mainly "Young Turks" by Rod Stewart and "Bette Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes.

Here's the video for the original BETTE DAVIS EYES, which certainly sounds like a lot of the crap I listen to now:

Anyways, Sexton Blake does a pretty good job of adapting the song to make it their own lofi-indie-rock version. It executes the sound of 'what I listened to before I started listening to too much dance music' in an approachable way.

Sexton Blake Bette Davis Eyes [WARNING: NOT ELECTRO]

Go to Knicken to download a pretty good Rod Stewart Cover