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I think striped shirts are always a good relief from your solid AA shirts, and your 'overdesigned, overpriced graphic tee.' Part of me wants to call them 'JAIL shirts' or 'PIRATE shirts', but that usually depends on how dirty the person wearing it looks. Usually bros in striped shirts are just 'd-bags in striped shirts.' (in a good way).

This bro's striped shirt looks rlly cute. I am an avid fan of buying Plain White Tees, and designing them to match your personal brand. For instance, this bro made his own stripes, and included a picture of loved ones on his shirt. It's kind of kute/meaningful. I wonder if he has a startup screen printing business?

True or False: Mainstream bros NEVER wear striped shirts unless they happen to own a striped Polo shirt.

What is ur favourite striped shirt combo?
Is it this 1?

I hope so/I hope not.

Luv yall. What r u doin this weekend? o cool I was thinking of doing that 2. My friend is getting me on the list.

[via The Streetwalker]