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Alice Glass explains her Personal Brand

I was reading my local newspaper, the Independent, and I saw a section with fashion tips from one of my favourite female vocalists of the post-Feist musicsphere. Here are a series of quotes that help us understand why Alice Glass is s000 sexie.

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On why she didn't get a breast augmentation & keep her hair blonde:

I'm feminine: I'm wearing a skirt, I own a bra. I think that whole big blonde look has been taken over by transsexuals now. I'm a natural blonde, but that blonde hair, big tits idea of what men want, it's now really unfeminine.

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On her keut haircut which she has had 4 a long tyme

I've had my hair like this since I was 13. Before that, it was much shorter. I had a Chelsea, which is bangs [a fringe] and then the rest is shaved off.

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On wearing little boys clothing...

My top is from a sports store in Dalston. It's a sweater for little boys

On coming out of her mother's womb with a pre-established personal brand:

I must have come out of the womb wearing Converse.I just wear them until they rip and become sandals. I like the white ones when they get that awesome brown shade.

On the dangers of playing to crowds of entrylevel alts:

I can't take anything valuable on tour; kids jump on stage and steal my stuff.

On what happens 2 u if u never have a real job:

My make-up routine involves putting a bunch of black stuff on my eyes. I've worn lipstick before, but I'm not big into it. I don't really care or think about how I look. I wouldn't wear something I didn't like, but I've never had a real job so no one's ever told me how to dress.

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I feel kloser 2 her now, since I understand where she is coming from. It's kind of like when u r dating some1, then 1 night u just have an 'amazing conversation' where u get vulnerable with them, find out about their childhood, and learn to understand & value them on a totesally deep level.

'I need u s0 much closer'
-death cab for Crystie Cutesle