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Mainstream = Alt: TenenbaumZissou Edition

In this installment of Mainstream=Alt, Carles attempts to capture what it means to be a Wes Anderson fan. It's a widely known fact that 79% of persons who classify themselves as 'alternative' have had a Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, or The Life Aquatic poster in the room.

The Wes Anderson Zeitgeist has had a big impact on the filling of the Mainstream-Alt chasm. This eArt gallery is intended to provide a space in which we reflect upon Wes Anderson's quirky, yet meaningful brand.

Title: My Family & Friends Are Special Enough to Be Portrayed in a Major Motion Picture

Title: I Used to be a Horny Teen Searching for Meaning/a tugjob

Title: 30 Rock from the Stephen Baldwin (Alec)

Title: <3 Wes + Cumming + My GF <3

Title: Bottle Rocket 2 Hell: Owen Wilson's Impending Suicide

Title: Groundhog Day Caddy Shack Zissou Stripes

Title: I Respect Jason Schwartzman only bc I pretend he is Max Fischer grown up

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Remember the time Wes Anderson got Fashion Blogged about?

Wes Anderson

Actor, Alternative Celebrity

Wes Anderson is a popular indie filmmaker & director who directed the hit films Rushmore, The Life Aquatic, The Royal Tanenabombs, and Lost in Garden State.

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