ObamaAlt + AltBro | Hipster Runoff

ObamaAlt + AltBro

I wish I could chill with Barry Obama.
I could tell him what we should do to make our country more authentic.
I have a dream...
I have a dream that one day alts and mainstreamers will walk 2gether under 1 flag.
This flag will be an alternative, minimalisty designed flag under the Altnited States of Altmerica.
If Barry was my altBro, I'd teach him about my life. I'd tell him about palestinian scarves, child predator glasses, and even what Sparks feels like.

I love you, Barry. My world is a better place with you in it. One day, we will write a song together.
It will be an epic meaningful banger, with a bunch of samples (kinda like a Crystal Castles song).

I am gonna miss meaningful celebrity pupu platters, yall. :-(
Feel like the meme economy is in crisis.

Barry Obama: The New Justice?

[Photo by The Cobrasnakey]