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Should I Vote?

yall. I'm not sure if I should vote. Ppl tell me that it's 'rlly important', but I just feel like my personal life won't be that different if George W. Bush isn't re-elected. Not sure who this 'new guy in town' is, but have heard rumors he is a terrorist/a member of the Bin Laden family.

Kinda need 2 wikipedia these candidate guys 2 'see what's up'.

Why r people trying to get the George Bush out of the office? Nvr rlly did n e thing 2 me. Seemed like a chillBro.

I don't rlly watch TV, so I haven't followed the election 2 well except for memes about that MilfLady.

Has n e 1 heard rumors that if u don't vote, u will automatically die/be executed?

"Come With Me" -puff daddie
"I'll be missin yall." -Sting ft. P Diddy

Don't rlly understand why celebs think they have 2 'tell people 2 vote'. not rlly their jobs. Kinda wish they'd leave us alone and let us tug offin front of our computer screens. Kinda feel like they are 'making the election less authentic' by trying to tie themselves to some sort of blog buzz marketing gimmick. There need 2 be laws/regulations about celebs who are 'using' the election just 2 make themselves seem 'more connected' to 'our world' and 'you.'

Should I start 2 believe in G0d in order to have him help guide my vote?

Should I get involved on my college campus's Young Democrats organization? Will I meet people with similar interests as me? Will we 'get buzzed' and 'partie' but also talk about important issues?

Voting makes me feel (more/less) authentic.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) unique.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) alt.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) mainstream.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) in control of our country's future.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) 'connected' with what 'the common man' cares about.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) like a fggt.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) like an old person.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) like an internet user.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) like a bitter political science professor.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) like a 'political blogger.'
Voting makes me feel (more/less) like a person who 'laughs rlly loud' at Saturday Night Live sketches because they 'get' the world.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) pressured to find Tina Fey's Sarah Palin impression 2 be 's00 funnie.'
Voting makes me feel (more/less) comfortable with the direction of the world.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) human after yall.

Should I 'vote'?
Does n e 1 know a website that has 'the issues' posted?
Can people still make zany internet memes abt the candidates even after the election is ovr?

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