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The Future of the Live Performance

Sometimes I wonder 'what DJs will do next' in order to stay relevant + interesting.
They are really going to have to start coming up with 'out of this world' gimmicks since the masked DJ economy has officially gone under.
I feel like the whole 'space'/'interplanetary' theme might be the future of the DJ. Or maybe something where you choose a career, and then build your gimmick around it. Kind of like how Interpol dresses up like ghey investment bankers. Or Nickelback dresses up like 'dudes who hang out at bars.'

This bro is an Astronaut for the popular web 2.0 company NASA.

[Photos by cobrasnake]

He decided to use his performance as a portal to 'another galaxy.' (cuz he chills in space)
He even discovered a new breed of alien who lives on another planet that has Am Appies.

It was a zany and fun time with tons of intergalactic creatures. The altCrowd 'loved' how it was 'not supposed to be taken seriously' but also represented a portal to a different galaxy in a serious way.

As yall know, HRO is a blog about finding sustainable business models/gimmicks. As performers, yall have to realize that you need 2 do whatever it takes to get blogged about. Kind of like the pizza alt. U have 2 understand that u are creating 4dimensional experience for your fans.

Can yall think of any good DJ/band gimmicks for the upcoming decade?