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Monitoring Emerging Trends: MAN BANGS

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Not sure 'who I am' but getting a better idea of 'who I want 2 b." My ideal version of who I want 2 b involves some sort of implementation of man bangs/a helmet-type of haircut. Whenever I see a keut girl with a set of bangs, I wonder why more bros can't implement them. Not gonna be 'afraid' any more. Gonna make sure that I 'follow my dreams' and activate my lookbook account.

All I ever wanted
was a browl cut
& some1 2 'love' me
& a 5-5-5 deal from Dominos
& extra dipping sauce
& an unlimited supply of office supplies
& a chance to write the sequel to "Office Space"
& a chance to write an episode of "The South Park"
& a chance to make my 'parents' understand my alt lifestyle
& a chance to break free of my social class
& the opportunity to get paid for 'lookin at kewl stuff on the internet'
& a lifetime contract with Apple so that they send me a new lappy whenever a new1 comes out
& a highly coveted gmail invite
& man bangs
& express myself

What do u want from 'life'?
"Don't be afraid 2 dream." -HROs Theme of 2k9

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I want to 'get back to my roots' as a trendhunting blog, but ever since my post on AnCo and my podcast, I've just been wondering 'what i'm supposed 2 do with my life/bloglife?' //help