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Is Bud Light the next Big Alternative Alcoholic Beverage?

I know we've gone through a Sparks era and a PBR era. However, I saw a picture that represented the alternative communities huge demand for a new alternative beverage of choice. Think this picture is a 'metaphor' for a 'thirst 4 something new.'

[Image via thecobrasnake]
Things are changing soo fast around us. Life is a never ending quest for the best brands 2 align urself with. For example, this broad is 2x 'kewl' cuz she is double nursing these bottles of Bud Light. It is her desire to 'get f*ckt up!' and 'get her partie on.' Have yall ever 'had 2 much 2 drink' just because u were 'desperate 2 have a good time/make a nite meaningful'?

Is ne 1 else unsure of how authentic a beer like BUD LIGHT can be since it was already branded by ______ people?

Should I invest in Miller Light? Is this picture supposed to 'look like that 1 portrait of the Virgin Mary', in order 2 appeal 2 Mexis.

Does n e 1 know any good 'microbreweries'/authentic moonshine makers that are located in the conceptual forest?

Has any1 tried mescaline? Should I just make a gallon of mescaline serum and 'go 2 the desert for 1 week'?

is it still authentic to 'get fuckt up'?
<3 'double fisting'


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