Do yall ever play Alt Bingo when yall go out? | Hipster Runoff

Do yall ever play Alt Bingo when yall go out?

[Photo by thecobrasnake]
Yall probably remember the internet meme sensation that I created called ALT BINGO. It also had other spinoffs like BLIPSTER BINGO and HRO BINGO. I think people think that these are 'just internet memes.' They are wrong. These are games that are meant to take your daily life to the next level.

Yall guys need 2 realize that when u go out, u need 2 OPEN UR EYES 2 what's around u. Have fun. Take life a lil less seriously. If u think about it, u could make a Bingo Card about just about n e thing. That's because BINGO is meant to let you chill, and 'let go' and embrace the RANDOMNESS of life. Instead of thinking about 'winning', u can admit that u have little control over the outcome, and just realize that life is all about opportunity + luck + chance. Embrace the power of BINGO, yall.

"Let Go." -Frou Frou

Do yall ever print out Internet Meme bingo cards and chill with them at events?
What's the most authentic colour of highlighter?
Do u think n e 1 will ever invent a Bingo Board for the Year 2k9 [featuring AnCo]?
Or will some1 make a Monopoly board featuring alternative hotspots around the world?