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What do POPPERS feel like?

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I was reading the internet weblog the cobrasnake, and I saw that there were people doing this new drug called POPPERS. Not sure what it feels like, but I've heard that it was been big for a long time in the Ghey underworld subculture. It is apparently some sort of liquid that u 'huff' and it makes u feel free for 1 or 2 seconds. Not sure if that's how it works. does n e 1 know?

I have done no research into the effects of poppers, but from what I can gather:

  • poppers cause a momentary moment of brain damage / mental retardation
  • poppers are kind of like cocaine because u inhale it
  • poppers are kind of like huffing gasoline because it makes u 'free'
  • poppers have no negative effects
  • poppers make nights more meaningful
  • poppers can fuck u up more than alcohol
  • poppers are not as chill as marijuana
  • poppers don't facilitate epiphanies, kinda like acid/LSD
  • u can't do poppers off ur iPhone without breaking it/causing water damage
  • poppers should only be used by kidz above the age of 10
  • poppers are a cheap, easy way to have fun with a group of friends
  • if u do too many poppers, ur brain will start to come out of ur nose
  • doctors sometimes feed babies poppers to 'chill them out' right when they pop out of the womb
  • Barrack Obama is working on an anti-popper campaign targeted at tweens in the Midwest
  • poppers are not as bad as meth for society
  • poppers can be ur bro, but u have 2 be chill.

Has n e 1 who reads this blog done poppers?
Can yall describe what they feel like?
Just trying to experiment b4 I get old and die.
Want to 'feel' every possible feeling on Earth before I die.

"u only live once." -The Strokes