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Which gimmick is more authentic?

Which gimmick is more authentic--

or being an ultimate altbro super fan who hand crafted a custom mask of his favourite masked DJ duo and wearing it to a meaningful LIVE DJ Set by his favourite masked DJ duo?

[Photo via Cobrasnaker]

Just want 2 prove that my brand is [via N*SYNC] with my favourite altceleb DJ duo lifestyle brand.

Might wear this to a Panda Bear ft AnCo concert

Might wear a Beck costume to a Girl Talk house show

Might wear a Keyboard Shortcut to a Cut Copy concert

Might play russian roulette at a Deerhunter show

Can yall think of n e good gimmicks to implement at a show that proves u r a Super Fan of an indie rock electro band? Just wanna prove myself, yall.

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