"It Doesn't Matter if Ur Black or White." - Michael Jackson | Hipster Runoff

"It Doesn't Matter if Ur Black or White." - Michael Jackson

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I saw this bro, and I think he is a 'human metaphor.' I think he is sort of like a cartoon character that is supposed to help us think about racial issues. While his skin is black, he has created an environment where we mostly see white.

There is also a symbol on his sweatshirt which represents 'the white man.' I think it is probably another metaphor about 'something racial' like slavery, colonial rule, and the white man's adoption of hiphop culture. Sometimes yall need 2 do more to think about the power of imagery. Fashion is more than just 'trying 2 look cool.' Fashion is an opportunity to celebrate culture, comment on history, and make other people think, kind of like a progressive freshman English class with a teach with a passionate, liberal-minded teacher.

What do yall think this metaphor means?

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Think it has 2 do with Colonial America, and how black people were slaves, therefore the flag should be only black and white since there were no other races in America yet, and since society was 'upside down' the flag should be too.

How would u explain this metaphor? Is Michael Jackson a 60 year 'performance art piece' kind of like that zany Joaquin Phoenix bro?