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Metaphorical Blackface

Photo by cobrasnake

A lot of ppl try to say that blackface is offensive. I'm not God, so I don't know how 2 make judgments like that. I think that this costume by CSS lead singer LOVEFOXXX is a metaphor about slavery. There are a bunch of hands on her costume, which represent 'people working in the fields.'
However, there is a special glimmer to her black paint which symbolizes hope. That 'hope' is directly related to Barry Obama's election, and she is just trying to say that 'black people used to have it bad, but now things are okay bc they can express themselves through urban culture blogs and streetwear [via kanye].' I'm not sure what the print on her shirt/body suit means, but it is probably some sort of cave dweller typography, or something that ancient people would write on bowls and walls and stuff like that to tell their stories about life.

Lovefoxxx's costume is complete with a hint of JokerAlt. After Heath Ledger played 'the Joker' in The Dark Knight, every1 is looking to recreate his pain and his humor by drawing 'happy face scars' that extend their mouths. While I kinda wanna laugh with ur, I can also feel a little bit of the pain that she went through, bringing me closer 2 her.

Do yall think this costume was offensive?
Did I misinterpret it?
Are there such things as metaphors?
Why can't things just stand 4 what they are?

If u really think about it... in our post-hiphop culture world, isn't there a lil bit of black paint on all of our faces?
Did n e 1 study racial issues at college? Do we only look to black people for 'crime' and 'entertainment'? Do yall think Barry Obama is good for the minority career-goal zeitgeist, or should we all try to be in the NBA/rappers/Oprahs /Beyonces / Chris Browns / OJ Simpsons / Magic Johnsons / Charles Barkleys / Condoleezas / Martin Lawrences / George W. Bushes ?

h8 how I work myself up since I pick up on too many metaphors. h8 my liberal arts education. :-(
wish I could be dumb and just eat Doritos and watch MTV and read PerezHilton on my Dell laptop. But I'm not. Being alt is a glorious burden.

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