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Should I h8 AZNs?

They're all over there laughing at us. It sucks. My whole life, I have been raised thinking that America was the best country on the planet, but I think it might have all been a lie. Maybe we were just really good at branding. Feel like we just control what it means to 'be cool', but we might not even have that n e more. Because of the internet 'coolness' doesn't really have a 'source' and the brand can exist anywhere with no point of origin.

Sad about the economic crisis, and how AZNs have been smarter than us about saving 'money' and only spending what they have. I think America is beautiful. We've had a good run, but maybe we're not as special as we thought we were. Kinda sad. I still feel 'cooler' than a lot of foreigners, and like smarter.

Think that America is important since we have so many famous people and the best professional sports leagues. Sometimes I think that those are the most important elements in 'keeping your country relevant/in power.' Just feels sad that maybe we're as poor as a 3rd World country. Wonder if the 'economic crisis' will ever hit me. I feel sad for all of the people at my Business School who decided to major in Finance with dreams of 'making it big' as an Investment Banker. That was probably as krazie as my dream to start an independent record label/coffee house/underground book store/social network for zany people.

Is it cool to 'be better' towards AZNs who live in America, or are they 'one of us'? Or should we construct some 'internment camps' in the middle of the USA where we force all AZNs to live and do manual labor, even if they are respected within society? Not trying 2 be radical, just know that we have 2 hold some1 accountable for our crisis, and it might 'unite' our country if we single out a group of people who are responsible. Kinda like when they had 2 find communist actors in Hollywood.

I don't really know much about China, except that they are 'commie reds', violate a lot of human rights, and pollute a lot. Learned that from the newspaper.

Kinda wish we could go back in time 2 the Olympics back when they built those meme buildings like 'the birds nest.'

Should I h8 azns and hold them responsible for the destruction of my country?
Or should I move out of the USA and move to an authentic city like Paris/Beijing/Tokyo/Cairo?

I used to feel safe about being an American, since we were #1 in everything, but now I don't know if I want to bring a kid into this world without the United States of America being what it once was. Not sure if my kid could handle growing up in a place that's 'not the best.'

What is the #1 country in the world right now, yall?