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Read about these kewl new glasses called SLANTIES

Yall. I found out about this new product meme called SLANTIES. From what I read in the Wall Street Journal, they are attempting to replace shuttershades as 'the kewl new glasses that tweens will wear.' I think they were designed by some innovative designer who is good at both 'design' and 'branding.' Might be some sort of re-branding campaign for Asia since people see them as being 'rigid' and 'communist.'

I was a Teacher's Assistant for a Consumer Psychology course at Wharton (a Relevant Business School), and u can see the impact of AZNs on our modern society and global economy when you put on a pair of slanties. The concept behind the slanty is attempting to 'degrade AZNs', but also 'become one' with the AZN population.

"Slanties" is actually a derogatory term for Asian peoples, because their eyes are slanted, kinda like the glasses. The small 'slit' through which they can see is supposed to represent how AZNs can't really have a global view, and they are only really good at small tasks that they focus on, but this ingrained worth ethic is also what helped Japan and China to 'kick every1s ass at business, engineering, and everything else important.

Much like 'every 1 wanted to be black' back when rap/hip-hop/pre-Obama-african-american-culture was blowing up, these glasses are an attempt to re-brand the AZN as 'a race worth wanting to be.' Sort of like 'accepting their supremacy' as a viable group of peoples, a source of stuff/products/architecture/memes that look kewl [via Japan], and a model from which 2 build a functional economy.

Feel kinda weird about how AZNs are 'winning' everything. Used to think that they were sort of a 'novelty race' who were just trying to look kute, but I think I was focusing one the wrong ones that didn't actually represent the majority of the AZN population [via Gwen Stefani's AZNs].


Still feeling sad that America is 'losing ground.' worried about white people and their cultural identity.

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