In the Fall, I will be transferring to a High School for Students with Alternative Needs | Hipster Runoff

In the Fall, I will be transferring to a High School for Students with Alternative Needs

Photo by thecobrasnake

I have always felt out of place in public high school. Just too many people. Too many regular people. And the people who 'look alternative' don't even 'get' what being alternative is about. Too many poors and coloureds who are from the apartment complexes that they recently built in my district

I went to a private school for a while thinking things would be better, and I think people are just too rich to be alt. Sort of like Mary Kate and Ashers. I also h8 wearing uniforms. I just want a place where I can be me. I want a place where people know what I am talking about. Tired of people pretending that Gossip Girl is authentic. Tired of meeting other people my age who listen to buzzbands from 2 years ago and tween rock.

In the fall, I will be attending the School for the Authenticification of the Young Alts of Upstate New York. Basically, it is a school that takes in alternative kids with potential, and teaches them how to take their alternative existences to the next level. The school is meant to prepare kidz for the rigorous social demands of high level alternative scenes. It is a battle for survival.

The posted picture shows the first graduating class on their senior trip. The majority of senior year is spent traveling across the globe, visiting every relevant city on this planet. In order to become an authentic alt, you must travel, and see people in their natural element. This is how you build your personal brand and personal fashion. This is how you learn 2 <3 life.

Here are a few of the aspects that make me excited about going to this high school:

  • Weekend shuttle so kids don't drive drunk
  • Teaches u about important stuff like bloghouse and technology
  • Gives you 4 hours per day on campus to browse the internet and read blogs
  • Sponsored by a vodka company
  • Freegan meals
  • Vending machines with alt beverages on campus (Sparks, PBR, Belvedere)
  • Class that teaches you how to start a party pic site, from buying a DSLR to how to upload pix to the web
  • Teachers are from yesteryear's indie buzz bands and some people who threw some sweet parties back when 'the scene' was just forming
  • Strategies on thrifting / getting good deals at retail stores
  • Dealing with ur mainstream past
  • No mainstream events like prom, student council, or athletics
  • What u should look for in a soulmate.
  • Reading progressive books, magazines, blogs, and zines.
  • There are no 'grades'

What do u think I should demand in my curriculum?
Do yall go to high school? Do you think this is a good idea?
Do u think it will help me get into a good college/ivy league / art school?
Should I go to a school for the arts/technology?
What will help me become the person I want to be?
What was ur high school experience like?

All I ever wanted to do was look like the beautiful people in the pictures on the internet. [via Crystal Castalt]