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Miss the days of authentic nip slip theory.

Please note: This picture is not safe for browsing in environments which do not allow you to see more than 3/5 of a nipple.

Photo via the cobrasnake

I remember the 'glory days' or HRO when 'nothing mattered' except for alternative n00ds, nip slips, and bloghouse mp3s. Feel like the 'party' has died, kind of like that time that disco died, and people said 'disco sucks, yall.' But then in 2k8, people started making disco again since the internet created enough niches for a disco tune to exist+be consumed.

But srsly yall... nip slips might still be better than 'seeing a whole tit' because it leaves more 2 the imagination. like it is 'boring' when a girl puts out 2 fast, so u sort of need her to 'hold out' so you can get emotionally connected+obsessed with the eventual goal of 'cumming on/in her.' Then when it happens, u feel like life is meaningful, but eventually u 'get tired of it' and want some1 new.

Miss the search for the perfect alternative breasts.

Miss when altcelebs would 'show off their goods. Glad that the cobrabro is still willing to 'be himself' but wish more females would do the same.

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