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Name that Alt celeb lookalike (Laptop DJ Edition)

Photo by thecobrasnake

Yall. Saw this picture of some bro. Thought he looked a lot like 1 of my favourite DJs...


  • He is not AZN.
  • He wasn't on That 70's Show
  • He seems like a chill bro
  • He invented 'mashups.'
  • His favourite baseball team is the Pittsburgh Phillies.
  • He will play 'crunk-ass' parties on college campuses for the next 4-30 years.
  • He 'stole' Radiohead's 'pay what u want' model 4 his most recent album
  • Ppl who 'still see him' are usually under the age of 19 / 16 / 8.
  • He's a "P.C."
  • He starred in the film Honey I Shrunk the Kidz, yall!
  • He works in a factory that creates 'Free AOL' cds.
  • Pitchfork gave his latest mixtape a 100 stars
  • he has a party picture website that gets 1million hits per day

Who do yall think he is?

Girl Talk

Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Girl Talk is a laptop DJ who got big in the bloghouse era but really just produces generic, well-branded mix tapes.

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