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What would u do if u met James Murphy?

Sometimes I wonder what I'd do if I met one of the most important alt celebrities of all time. I saw this picture of James "Jimmy" "DFAbro" Murphy with some bro taking a pic of him with his krappie digicam, and it made me think about what I'd do if I had the opportunity to shake the hand of one of me heros.

Photo by thecobrasnake

What would u do if u met James Murphy?????

a) shake his hand, and make a statement that proves u r 'a true fan'
b) make a joke that involves a lyric of a popular LCD Soundsystem song--'bro. just wanna be some1 great and not North American scum with all my friends daft punk is gonna play at my house.'
c) take out ur iPhone/shittie digicam and ask to take a picture with him
d) ask him to sign ur iPod
e) tell him that he means a lot 2 the history of electro, modern disco, and transcendental-bloghouse
f) hand him the demo from ur band so that u can get signed 2 DFA
g) write down ur band's myspace page
h) try to 'pick him up' kinda like that 1 SNL skit where Ben Stiller 'picks up' Glen Frey as played by Will Ferrell
i) tell him that ur in film school, and tell him that u made a short film using some of his music, and encourage him 2 search 4 it on youtube
j) Tell him that u connected with the song 'New York I love u, but ur bringing me down' and it inspired u to move away from NYC
k) Ask him if he has heard 'Justice'
l) Ask him if he wants to chill, cuz u know a place with good authentic Mexican food/late night snacks
m) Just try to be a bro
n) Choose.Your.Own.Response

Sometimes I wonder how 2 handle myself in front of people who are incredibly relevant. Do they exist in the same world as we do? I feel very 'normal' and I think the world would be different if I had made some huge contribution to alternative society.

Do u think part of being a 'modern fan' means feeling entitled to broship with ur alternative role models? Feel like I can really connect with my fave artists and personalities these days, especially bc of twitter. Just feel s00 close 2 famous ppl now.