Can’t believe the ‘flamer’ from Am Idol ‘came out.’ | Hipster Runoff

Can’t believe the ‘flamer’ from Am Idol ‘came out.’

Photo by the cobrasnake

Yall probably remember my American Idol liveblog, where I watched AmIddy for the first time. There was a character on the show named Adam Lambert who 'seemed kinda ghey' but no1 was really sure. There were moments during the season where he did 'really gay stuff' but no1 was allowed to say he was gay or else he wouldn't get a record contract and Middle Americans/Christians are the only ppl who 'buy CDs'/'songs off iTunes' today. Not sure if Adam Lambert is 'a huge coward' for not 'coming out.' Maybe he didn't see the movie MILK so he doesn't understand what homosexuals have gone through. I feel like young people take 'the gift of homosexuality' for granted, and don't realize that we basically live in utopia.

Anyways, he 'apparently came out' and is now 'officially ghey.' Not sure if the bro in the picture is his 'lover' or if it is just a big fan of Am Idol. Can't believe his BF is 'an altbro.'

Do yall think that mainstream celebs should be forced to tell the world their sexualities? Or only the ghey ones? I wish that there was some sort of celebrity trading card where u could get the stats on a famous person. Or maybe homosexuals could wear some sort of 'scarlet letter' like eye liner, or bootcut jeans, or some other trend that u see in ur local homosexual circuit. Feel like they 'wouldn't mind.'

I am not sure if 'being ghey' is something that ur born with, or if it is a choice u make, or if it is 'bad parenting.' Probably 'a lil bit of everything.' I have heard that there is a problem in high schools where teenagers are 'being gay' just to rebel against their parents. Even though the kidz aren't 'actually gay' they see 'being a homosexual' as 'being an individual.' Tweens apparently see 'being gay' as some sort of decision that means ur 'more committed to ur individuality' than 'just wearing a Fall Out Boy t-shirt.' Feel weird that tweens who are 'not actually ghey' might be performing some 'very intense sexual acts.' Worried.

Wish either 'every1 was ghey' or 'every1 was straight' and we didn't have to deal with these issues. It makes more sense for ppl to all be 'straight' so that the 'human race' can 'live on.' Might start experimenting though.

Do yall know any1 who is a homosexual? What are they like? Are they 'just like us' or do you have to 'treat them differently'? Share your stories in the comments.