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Is WASHED OUT the next Neon Indian/Memory Cassette?

Washed Out Feel It All Around
Washed Out You'll See It

It's kinda weird how the musicsphere is searching for a new 'authentic, undergroundish product' that isn't a huge brand like AnCo/GrizzBear/etc. People who 'love music' need new music to 'get excited about.' It seems like these 'conceptual, chill projects' are really 'starting to become mainstream alt rock' or something. Think that these are apparently the next artists who we will 'go to see at music festivals' before 'every1 finds out about them.'

I think that it demonstrates that a 'new band' can't have too strong of a 'personal brand'. It seems like if you start out being 'somewhat mysterious', then ppl can write abt u when they 'unmask' u. It's too easy to 'not take a band seriously' if you see pictures of them, and they look like dweebs/people who are 'trying too hard.' It seems easiest to have a chill project, that is somewhat 'conceptual' but also demonstrates that ur band has 'pop sensibilities' or something. Not sure what the 'ceiling' for these types of bands are. Seems like they will probably have to build their 'live brand' as being something that is 'artistic.' Most of these bands exist with 'a few strong singles', but seems like they will get enough 'promotion' [via maltstream weblogs+webzines] to be relevant in the market of people who 'buy songs off iTunes.'

Not sure if this genre has a name. Seems like it needs to have a name that is 'serious.' Here are some ideas for this 'genre.'

  • no-fi
  • post-AnCo rock
  • post-bloghause
  • GorillaVsBearcore
  • Chill Bro Core [via Butterteam]
  • Kewl Boring Music
  • Music 2 smoke weed 2
  • Synth Computer Pop Atmospheric Wave
  • GazeWave
  • ShitWave
  • CumWave
  • WaveWave
  • ShoeWave
  • Chillgaze
  • Pitchforkwavegaze
  • Blogrock
  • No-gaze
  • Blowgaze
  • GazeStep
  • post-electro
  • conceptro
  • ChillHouse
  • Browave
  • Conceptual Blog Core
  • ForkcastRock
  • Forkshit
  • No-fork
  • ZanyCore
  • Industrial
  • post-freakfolk
  • freakgaze

Feel like I might call it 'chill wave' music in the future. Feels like 'chill wave' is dominated by 'thick/chill synths' while conceptual core is still trying to 'use real instruments/sound like it was recorded in nature.' Feel like chillwave is supposed to sound like something that was playing in the background of 'an old VHS cassette that u found in ur attic from the late 80s/early 90s.'

Not sure if this genre is 'emerging' or if it is only just becoming 'properly monetized' now that there is a 'demand for it.' Do yall prefer 'Neon Indian' or 'Memory Cassette' or some other chillwave band? I feel like Washed Out might be my favourite chill wave artist, so far, but Neon Indian might have the 'strongest brand'/'highest possibility of becoming a legacy indie artist.'

What's yalls fave genre of music?

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Washed Out is the hit chillwave project of indie hunk Ernest Greene.

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