Is 'sagging' back as a relevant trend? | Hipster Runoff

Is 'sagging' back as a relevant trend?

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I remember when gangster rap came out, there was a trend called 'sagging.' Basically, u let your jeans/pants 'sag' below ur ass, showing off your underwear. It seemed like if you were a 'sagBro', it meant that you were somehow affiliated with a 'gang.' For those of you who don't know, 'gangs' were packs of minorities who banded together to brand themselves as 'violent hoodlums', and often got into disputes with other 'gangs' within their community. The wave of 'gang violence' inspired tons of films by 'deep' minority writers and directors, who wanted to present obvious/'progressive' ideas about life in the poor part of town. Most of these movies ended with a 'tragic death' by a minority who 'had potential' but succumbed to the 'disease of the streets' since community members killed 1 another instead of helping 1 another.

N e ways... It seems like 'sagging' might be a new trend that catches on, perhaps as a tribute to 'the way things used to be.'

These minorities seem to be 'trendy.' Not sure if they are 'authentic saggers' or if they are part of the recent post-ironic sag revival.

This bro seems 'innovative' for finding a way to make his skinny jeans sag. Sagging seems to say 'i don't care about the form/function of the traditional pant technology.'

It seems important to have 'nice underwear.' A lot of saggers utilized Loony Tunes boxers, or Tommy Hilfiger branded boxers. Not sure if I would wear something as simple as Old Navy boxers. Might utilize Am Appy briefs.

I srsly hope that 'sagging' is embraced by public school systems now that the gang-wave is over.

I am excited about this new era of sagging. I feel like it will give me an opportunity to rebrand my image without spending too much on new clothes. It might make me seem 'more ethnic'/like I am in touch with minority trends, and possibly help me look like I have a 'global perspective.' Not sure how sagging started. Seems not very functional, but still sorta stylish.

Just worried that I will be sent home from school if the hall monitor catches me. :-(

Do u think that sagging is 'back'?
Do u know if 'gangs'/'gang violence' still exist or do minorities just 'play video games' instead now?

This is a post about hoping that sagging catches on with keut females with 'nice asses.'