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RAVE OR DIE: 2K9 Edition

all photos by the cobrasnake

You might remember a 'classic' HRO post from 2k8 entitled 'Rave or Die.'
Carles wrote:

Does any one else feel like RAVES are ‘authentic music festivals’? I feel like ‘music festivals’ should really just become drug-fueled parties where people dress in zany costumes and entrylevel alts attempt to find meaning by listening to music/dancing/’trying drugs 4 the first tyme.’

In the 2k9 edition of RAVE OR DIE, Carles will attempt to reconnect with 'the essence of Rave.' Who are these ppl/teens/Mexicalts in Southern California who attend raves? What do they want out of life? What personal brand are these 'ravers' attempting to implement?

As yall know, a rave is a gathering where ppl do a lot of drugs and listen to 'the shittest' kinds of techno/electro music. The women also kinda 'dress slutty.'

It seems like ppl are trying to 'return to their childhoodz' by utilizing images+products from youth [via bracelets, necklaces, other trinkets, and even backpacks.]

'I want 2 b a kid again.'

'Wish I had a backpack full of ecstasy.'

Feeling sad that the 'altbro' aesthetic has finally made its way to rave culture. The spirit of the electro altbro is dead.

I think that it means some1 is 'mad fucked up' when their pupils are dilated.

It seems like 'lollipops' are also a good prop to chill with at raves. Not sure if I'd get caramel apple pop or blow pop. Not sure which 1 would 'taste better' while on E/acids.

The DJ played some 'sick shit.' His DJ name was 'DJ 420 Bob Dank Schwag Marley Bro.'

Got rlly 'fucked up' on E and gave DJ 420 a 'beej.' Regret it kinda.

But srsly... have u ever fucked while on ecstasy? (they say u can never have an orgasm without it 4 the rest of ur life)

Have u ever grubbed a funnel cake while on ecstasy?

I used the rave as an opportunity to connect with my nuclear family. My mom was the person who taught me how to use drugs, so even though she is 'disabled' I was able to bring her out and we 'dropped' 2gether. They say u don't have a relationship with ur parent until u've 'gotten fucked up' with him/her.

'Yes. I am a stereotype. I actually sell drugs to children and teenagers.'

'We just came here because it was an environment that celebrated excessive drug use and gave us the opportunity to grope at bitches whose titties are hanging out.'

'Dear Lord that's a whole lotta curve.'

Got sad when my bff started 2 yack. Felt like she ruined the nite by 'being a pussie.'

It seemed like the rave promoters 'knew what they were doing' since they rented a carnival ride.

a couple of my bros are starting a 'party pic' site. Really miss 2k7.5, back when there was a 1:1 ratio of 'regular ppl' to 'nighlife photographers' at every alt event.

Saw some AZN guy's bulge.

Got sad when my friend ODed and we had to 'dump her ass off' on her parents doorstep even though she didn't have a pulse.

'I guess this is growing up.'

It honestly wasn't my scene, but sometimes it is good to experience 'lower class' events. I feel more in touch with the SoCal Mexicalt demographic (even though I have an actual high school diploma and not a G.E.D.) It seems like a lot of authentic SoCal Mexicalts used to do 'tons of farming'/'migrant working', but it makes me happy to know that they have worked hard to give a better life to their 2nd and 3rd generation spawn.

I feel happy knowing that society is getting better and every1 is able to celebrate and be free.

Have u ever been 2 a rave? What are they like?
Is it an organic experience? What do drugs feel like?

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