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The Melting Pot Bro Theory.

Photo via the cobrasnake

I saw this picture on a popular nite life fotography website, and it made me very confused. I am not sure about 'the state of bro.' It seems like every single type of bro has sort of merged into one bro aesthetic. I feel like there is no longer an altbro, a bro-bro, a college bro, and a California Style Bro. It seems like we might have reached a Melting Pot Bro where many of the elements of various 'bro' aesthetics melt into one singular bro (kinda like America has tons of different races).

In the above photo, you can see many different bro-genres present in the personal brand of the bro:

  • California Style Bro: his hair seems like he has 'been chillin at the beach
  • Brah Bro: Sweet lid that is tilted at a bro-like angle
  • AltBro: Sweet 'energetic' aura, always photographed as if he is attending an electro party, neon-ish plaid shirt
  • SportsBro + CollegeBro: Football t-shirt & School spirit t-shirt
  • PartyBro + College Bro: 'double fisting', 'bitches.'
  • Earring-wearing Bro: He is wearing diamond stud.

What is ur fave type of bro-genre?

It seems like the modern bro can't really be 'put into a genre.' The Modern Bro will utilize various bro aesthetics based upon his upbringing, social class, parental wealth, and fashion availability in his region [via the local mall]. The Modern Bro has utilized the internet to learn more about bros on the other side of the world, changing bro culture forever.

I don't think we can simply call the Modern bro just a 'bro' again, since that would neglect bro history. Here are some suggestions for a label that acknowledges the Melting Pot Bro Theory:

  • The Modern Bro
  • Puu Puu Platter Bro
  • Bro2.0
  • Post-Bro
  • Bro-gaze
  • BroWaves
  • BrahBrahs
  • BroBros
  • BroK10s
  • Antebellum Bros
  • Universal Bro
  • uBro

2k10 is the year where we will stop evaluating bro brands on an individual basis. We will evaluate bros as a larger cultural body/phenomenon/race.
What will the Bro of the Future look like? Will he be mainstream or alt?
What store in the mall will be Bro HQ, or will the modern bro 'shop at a lot of diff places'?
Will bros ever die, or will they keep evolving?
Is every male born after 199_ going to end up a 'bro' whether or not he would like to be a 'bro'?
Has retail fashion changed the social construction of bros 4evr?

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