Carles Completes the New York City Marathon. | Hipster Runoff

Carles Completes the New York City Marathon.

I truly believe that a brand can inspire a human to do something that they never thought they could accomplish.   I want to inspire bros to believe that they can do 'anything under the sun.'  This is the goal of any successful brand.  Giving the common man 'hope.'  It is this hope that sustains your will to live.   Without a will to live, you are less than human after all.

I want you to believe that you are #1.  Not just to your parents and to yourself, but to the entire world.  Similar to how black athletes and rappers feel, but in a more genuine+logical way.

Life is sorta like a marathon.  There's a lot of other people competing against u, but u sorta just need 2 run ur own race, and u can sorta convince yourself that you some how 'won.'

I am the only bro in this pack of runners listening to Animal Collective.

Need to 'overcome.'

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Finally, architecture and urban planning 'makes sense' now that I am transcending-ing through this city [via running].

Kinda weird how there's over 100 million ppl on Earth. Seems like there are tons of opportunities to 'sell merch'/build a brand/market 'hope' + 'the power of the human spirit' 2 people.

Had my 'bros' from the internet come out 2 support me. It is important to have a 'support system' of bros on the internet, and i.r.l.

A marathon is one of the last physical achievements most people can ever accomplish.  It is the halfway point of your physical life.  It might be the peak of your 'youth.'  Completing a marathon may or may not be more meaningful than competing in youth sports.

(worried that I might need reconstructive knee surgery at age 45. Heard ellipticals are better 4 u.)

I love 'the city.'

'Never, ever, ever give up.' -miscellaneous coaches/inspiring figures throughout the years

I just want to win the race. On a global scale and on a personal scale. I want my race to mean more than any1 else's race.

This bro is me. This bro is you. This bro is every1 we know.

I feel proud. I am finished.

I won.

I am Carles.
I am a Brand.
I am Hope.
This Brand Wants You to Be Happy.
This Brand Will Enable You to Accomplish Your Dreams.

"Follow yalls dreams."

Has Carles ever inspired u 2 do anything? Use the comments section to share your survivor stories.


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