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Are Chillwave Bros Depressed?


I was looking at some pictures of chillwave artists in SUP MAGAZINE. I feel worried about them. It looks like they have a lot going on in their minds. Like maybe stressed out, or something. You might recognize Ernest Greene, the lead singer of Washed Out. But if you saw him on the street, would u think he was one of 2k9's most successful new musicians?

Even Neon Indian bro seems like he has been going on a lot of long walks. Looks like his mind is cloudy, overwhelmed with worry.

Photos by SUP Magazine

Probably a lot of pressure. So many people want to 'get at u', offer you money so that they can take your brand to the next level. But you're just one bro. You just made some songs on the compy. Asking yourself, "Why is there even a backlash against me?" Being in a buzzband must be a post-absurd experience. Pretty isolating. Like very few people would even be able to understand the problems and pressure in ur life.

Going to just chill. Free my mind. Drink an iced coffee.

Still feel empty, even after the barista made me the perfect iced coffee. 'My Glass is Half Empty.'

2k10 is here, and most artists have a lot to think about. There is so much pressure on all musicians and mp3 blogs to stay 'now.' Ultimately, there is a new meme + trend cycle on the horizon, and we are all scared of being left behind. The more we openly talk about the state of the modern alt scene, the better equipped we are to move forward and help one another stay relevant. We cannot be paralyzed by fear. We must confront our issues and become better humans.

Life isn't easy. Even the most successful people have a stress. Sometimes u just need a friend. Sometimes u just need some1 to talk 2. Never be afraid to ask 4 professional help. Just be U. We will <3 u no matter what. U'll always be a part of us.

Is chillwave dead?
Is stresswave the new chillwave?
When will the first 'good' new band of 2k10 come out?
Why do u think they are so bummed?
Maybe we can't 'just chill' n e more... maybe it's time 2 want something more out of life...