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Are Ravers basically electro juggalos?

Photos by thecobrasnake

Part of me gets confused whenever I see a raver. I am not sure if they are actually into raves / techno / drugs, or if it just a one night thing. Like a bunch of tweens going to an indie show, dressing up as Am Appy 'hipsters.' Maybe there are authentic ravers, and then there are people who go to a rave for 1 night, and just pretend that they are ravers.

Have u ever been 2 a rave?
Do some people treat life like it is a rave?
Does the 'rave' really a cultivate a legitimate subculture, or just an excuse for people to do drugs?

Honestly wonder if ravers are electro juggalos. These people seem like they are on their way to the Gathering of the Juggalos

Just wanna get fucked up on pills, then end up dehydrated, falling asleep in an empty field

Have u ever gone to a party / rave with a group of bros, and yall decided to wear a uniform costume? Might dress up as boy scouts with my bros. We found a sweet deal on a few shirts at our local Goodwill.

Might just dress up in Urban Camo

I feel like this person looks like an authentic raver, truly dedicated to 'the subculture.'

I wonder if ravers are trying to 'evolve' the scene, or if they just want things to stay the same. If they just want to get fucked up in abandoned warehouses.

Hey. It's me. Rave Bro.

I wonder if this bro is some sort of electro lost boy

Might become 'thong bro' and show off my firm ass to 'Drunk Girls' after hearing the new LCD Soundsystem song

Will buy a souvenir from the Major Lazer merch booth

will show off my sweet tats

Inauthentic or authentic ravers? Is 'raver' just a costume?

Will get so fucked up that I even squeeze ketchup on to a hot dog, even though ketchup as a hotdog condiment makes u an inauthentic hot dog eater

Wonder what ever happened to the popular HRO meme/tugworthy skank: the XX broad?

Just want to go to a rave, get really effed up, then make love to a girl who looks like Margot Tenenbaum

Have u ever gone 2 a rave?
Is it still alt to try to look like a character from the Royal Tenenbaums?
Is putting ketchup on a hot dog inauthentic?
Are ravers a legitimate 'subculture' or are they the 'ass wipe' of alt culture?
If u could live ur life over again, would u drop out of HS and dedicate ur life to throwing sick raves?
What is the most alt drug to do at a rave? 'beer'?
Are 'ravers' more like to 'hipsters' or 'juggalos'?

entry level rave bros [via freshman year of college away from parents]