Is crowd rafting safer & more authentic than crowd surfing? | Hipster Runoff

Is crowd rafting safer & more authentic than crowd surfing?

Photos by thecobrasnake

I have always wanted to go to a show with tons of energy, and 'crowd surf' all over the venue. I'd feel the hands of a thousand alts, passing me around like a rag doll stuffed with authenticity and positive vibes. Every person who touched me would feel closer to the artist, closer to the heart of the party. The sea of hands would form chill waves, a chill, reflective tide that leaves all of the negative vibes washed out of my pores, exfoliating with layers upon layers of authentic Biore strips coated with buzz memes. I want to be the life of the party.

But sorta wonder if it is safe for women to crowd surf. I feel like it might be a better option for them 2 buy an inflatable raft, and bring it to the venue. When they feel like 'crowdsurfing', they can just blow up their raft, and surf around the venue. Whenever a female crowd surfs, men will 'do anything it takes' to have a lil grab.

Feel like my ultimate dream is to go crowd rafting with a group of my bros. Maybe at a large scale festival, like Coachella, where there is 'an ocean of fans' as opposed to just a 'sea of fans.' Need as much water space as possibly to execute this.

Gotta just get my group of bros, buy some Oars + an inflatable raft at my local outdoors shop, and get ready 2 go on the expedition of our lives'.

Just wanna raft around for a while, discovering new territories, sorta like Lewis and Clark.
Learning more about the indie / electro / alt scenes
Learning more about myself

Eventually, I would end up on stage, being escorted from my raft
I would shake the hands of the indie artist
and let them know that it was their vibes
that propelled me on my expedition

Even though the security / bouncer bros would be 'pissed'
Like crowd rafting is illegal and causes a huge safety hazard
and their club coulda been sued if I drowned in some metaphorical white water rapids
It was all worth the risk.

Just wanna go crowd rafting
so I don't get my 'goods' fondled by fans
Safety from unchill wavves
with the ability to float harder on authentic chillwaves

This is my journey
Bro overboard.

some1 just throw me a life preserver
cuz I feel like I'm drowning
even tho we're in the middle of a drought
The Great Buzz Drought of 2k10
Need relevant MP3s
so that my iPod can stay nourished
with authentic buzzbands

If u truly love ur iPod
u treat it like a digipet
and feed it mp3s every day