Have yall ever pissed ur pants at a relevant alt party / buzzband concert? | Hipster Runoff

Have yall ever pissed ur pants at a relevant alt party / buzzband concert?

Photo by thecobrasnake

Sometimes I get excited and I don't really know what do with myself. I will end up somewhere that I never thought I would end up in my alt-est dreams [via back when I was a 14 year old indie music fan], and I will just think, "Damn. Guess I made it. This is the life I have always dreamed I'd live."  I will be overwhelmed.  I will piss my pants, not because I have a weak bladder, but because I have a great life.

It's so weird how 1 day ur on the internet reading about a buzzband, and the next day you're at a relevant Coachella pool party getting ur chill on with an alt celeb in-person. U end up in line for a free beverage behind one of them, and it is like, 'damn. I am chilling hard with this bro. Even though he/she is usually in blog headlines, I am part of this culture, moreso than all of the other lonely losers on the internet.'

These moments where 'the internet' are overridden by a real life experience make me piss my pants. Maybe I have a weak bladder, but then again, maybe I have a super interesting life that inspires me to 'wet myself' with excitement. Peeing your pants is a mix of being speechless, nervous, excited, apprehensive, and overwhelmed. There is something more complex about peeing in ur pants than jizzing in ur pants [via bro humor]. Cumming in ur pants means that you are overcome by pleasure, leading to an orgasm.

Peeing in ur pants is a mix of emotions, sorta like a moment where u feel like "This is It..." [via the Strokes] in an accomplished/letdown kind of way. Moments where 'real life' seems surreal, because u never thought something so beautiful / relevant could happen to you.

What types of alternative events / milestones in ur life have inspired you to piss ur pants?

  • Sneaking into a music festival, and hearing the drone of music in the distance
  • Touching Uffie's breast while she crowd surfs
  • Drinking from Steve Aoki's Grey Goose bottle
  • running into Justice at a leather shop
  • Going on a spiritual retreat to the wilderness, running into Panda Bear, and making smores with him
  • Drinking the sweat of an XX sleeveless turtle neck from after their show
  • Buying a pet dog or cat, and having the animal tell u they are part of the Animal Collective
  • Experience an iPad DJ breakdown live
  • Running into a member of the Arcade Fire in a niche Canadian Coffee Shop
  • Being in charge of driving a relevant alt celeb to the venue for a concert
  • Hearing a buzzband's live debut in New York City
  • Reading a mad crazy blog post with wicked good news about an album release
  • flying into an airport in New York City, looking at the skyline, and saying 'this is my effing town, bitches.'
  • being photographed by a relevant party photographer
  • Reading a blog that drops sick ass mp3s / music news memes
  • Being in 'the crowd' on Jimmy Fallon behind a blog band
  • Being at the same Chili's as James Murphy
  • Running into a cool dad alt celeb with his family at Disney World
  • Getting 'piss drunk' at SXSW
  • going to an indie concert, bumping into Jay-Z and Beyonce, then talking with them about buzzbands

I feel like a lot of people who 'h8 alternative lifestyles' don't really understand how fulfilling this lifestyle can be. So many people call it some sort of 'hollow form of consumerism', but they don't realize that we are real people, living real moments. We love bands, brands, gossip, and life, and sometimes all of these entities come together, there are truly beautiful 'piss ur pants' moments that u can't really put into words.

I piss my pants when my life feels more meaningful than any1 else's life
I get happy (to have the opportunity to live my life)
I get scared (that the moment will end)
I feel overwhelmed (that a similar moment will never happen again)
I feel nervous (that I won't know how to capture the moment [via digital camera / twitter /fb status update])
I feel __________
I piss my pants
because it is the only natural / complex expression of my true feelings

Will anything in 2k10 make u piss ur pants?
Or will 2k10 be a buzz + urine drought?

I just want a bro
who pisses his pants with me
and we will metaphorically drink one another's urine
sipping the stream from my bro's loins
Content Stream
Life Stream
Urine Stream
This is my Stream