The MTV VMAs are an opportunity to celebrate macro-fame, human memes, & social media | Hipster Runoff

The MTV VMAs are an opportunity to celebrate macro-fame, human memes, & social media

Can't believe it has been a year since Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift and created some sweet internet memes + inspired Carles to write some over-thought puff piece abt the memefication process of humans + events [link]. Honestly can't see my life changing much for the next 20 years. Always gonna sit on a computer, will watch TV, will react to what I am seeing on TV, entertaining my audience of followers who 'value my opinion.'

Worried that time is gonna pass me by, and I won't 'grow up' and I'll just be a worthless 20something forever.

Don't want to think abt that. Just gonna watch the MTV VMAs. H8 society. Just want to consume 'pop culture' and form my unique opinion on it. Want people to know that I 'get' pop culture, and even though I consume it on a daily basis, my perspective on it transcends all.

Feel like Lady Gaga is really 'in her element' at the VMAs, since MTV will basically do whatever she wants to 'create a meme.'

Wore tons of zany meme outfits

She brought a few recently-discharged members of the American Armed Forces to 'make herself seem like a good person.'

Wonder if Katy Perry should have brought some World War 2/Vietnam veterans and/or Holocaust survivors. Think old jewish people might be a haute fashion accessory in 2k12.

Here is another bro who looks like he just won a few medals from serving in Iraq/Afghanistan

I heard that she 'scissored' with Ellen Degeneres just to get blog coverage / appeal to the gay + lesbian markets

Here is Lady Gaga 'sharing a smart snack' with rapper Drake

Drinking out of a zany starbucks cup

Wonder which of these artists is 'more innovative'? Wonder which 1 rode the slutwave harder.

Is there a time where u need to 'retire' getting whored up and wearing stupid, slutty costumes? I can't imagine being 60 years old and having to worry about 'shaving the grey hairs off my pussie region.'

Justin Bieber really earned his trophy. Proud of him.

really proved he is a 'real musician' [via musicianship]

Wonder if Justin Bieber is 'tall' or if Usher is 'tiny.' Wonder who has a longer, thicker peen.

The VMAs apparently hired Deadmau5 to be the 'house DJ' during commercial breaks. This was probably 1 of the 'greatest moments' in non-Daft Punk masked DJ history.

looks like the only alt band that attended was Jared Leto's band "30 Seconds 2 Mars--Are we there yet?? Wish we had a faster space ship, yall" Wish I could join their band and get an alt makeover.

<3 Jared <3

Think he won an award and 'thought it was a real award that represented artistic success.' Worried that he is living in a warped version of reality where he is 'God' or something.

Heard all non-Lady Gaga slutwave artists held some sort of 'Conclave'/Strategy Session to try to out-slut Lady Gaga and get more famous/win more awards/sell more albums.

Think they just decided to try to make a Justin Bieber sex tape

Wish Hayley Williams tweeted out more titty pix. Think she needs to dedicate herself to the slutwave

John Travolta looked good

Feel like Katy Perry shoulda just shown up 'naked' instead of this nude/skin colored gimmick

Wish Taylor Swift had joined the slutwave. Instead she just sang songs about how she wanted boys 2 authentically love her. She really needs to 'spread those legs' 4 American consumers, but I guess she is a pretty solid Walmartcore artist.

Apparently some lady named "Chelsea Handler" hosted, but she tanked. Sorta just proves that women just aren't funny, and even women prefer to laugh at/with men.

Wonder if Justin Timberlake is morphing in2 a lesbian

Another human meme Kanye West tried 2 figure out how 2 play the synth

'I am an artist. This is not rap. I have mother fucking ballet bitches dancing behind me. This shit is beautiful.'

'I am an artist. I am overcoming. I am brilliant. I understand human pain.'

Tons of famous ppl showed up.

Academy Award Winner Jamie Foxx

Keanu Reeves

Richie Valens did a piano cover of 'La Bamba'

Jennifer Hudson got her blipster on

The 'bad guy' from Eastbound & Down

Cee-Lo, lead singer of Charles Barkleys

The guy from DeGrassi

Cedric the Entertainer

Justin Timberlake

Danny DeVito and Rhea Pearlman

Jay-Z / Master P

Good 2 see Chris Brown got his career back on track after beating women

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Barry Obama's half-white son "Jeff Obama"

A cast member from The Real World: Housewives of New Jersey

Fat Albert

Mad Men's Jon Hamm

Samuel L Jackson

Brett Favre

Beyonce + Nick Jonas

Famous Producer Scott Storch

A kid from a JC Penney's catalog

My 38 year old cousin who is manager of Hot Topic / Black Fly

Lil Bow Wow + Hologram Lil Bow Wow

The evil President of Iran's son "Jeff Ahmadinejad"

Carmelo Anthony/LeBron James

Footballer Wayne Rooney

Wonder if Jackass needs to re-franchise and cast new members. Maybe like a 'Menudo' model where ur kicked out when u get too old. Feeling like they are 'too Gen X' or something.

Feel kinda bad for tween sensations. They will never get to go to/legitimately participate in a 'real awards shows' like the Oscars, so they sorta have to treat MTV award shows like it is 'their Super Bowl.'

Is the iCarly broad 'hot' or does she need implants?

Wonder if these 'lil ass holes' are gonna grow up to be 'big ass holes'. H8 when tweens wear 'urban wear'.

This dude used to date Katy Perry before she 'started 2 focus on her career.' Think she made the right decision by dating Russell Brand since it allowed her 2 move into British Markets

Unsure abt Robyn's career arc. Sorta wish she just 'gave up' after her success in the late 90s. Not sure why she gets p4k coverage and ppl 'cream' about her 'amazing pop songs.' U have to be 'super hot'/have big tits to write good pop songs.

Here is former porn star Jenna Jameson. Sorta wish she was still a porn star / did tons of blow. Worried abt her figure.

I think this is the dude who 'bangs' her in real life [via marriage]. Wonder how he deals with so many cocks being in that pussie. Feel like I would have tons of 'insecurity issues'/would be difficult for her 'black hole' vagina to squeeze my erect penis.

Feel like modern blipsters are 'very blatant' abt only existing as some sort of 'walking catalog'/product placement specialist for 'urban wear that looks kewl.'

This girl apparently won some contest to be MTV's TJ "Twitter Jockey". I wonder if that will help her career, or if this is basically 'the prime of her life', and she will end up working at State Farm insurance. Hope I can get a job tweeting for a Fortune 500 company 1 day.

Maybe they should have hired former MTV VJ 'Kennedy' to be TJ, but I guess they are totally different jobs. H8 our evolving world. Worried my skillsets won't be valuable 1 day.

Is Dane Cook 'still relevant' or is Tosh O / Aziz Ansari 'cooler' 2 be in2?

Glad the MTV network featured their signature show 'The Bros of the Jersey Shore.' Glad they 'replaced' The Hills

Here is 'Snooki' who is widely known as 'the new Jennifer Aniston'. Before she was famous, she did 'donkey shows' in Mexico.

Feel bad for the non 'Big Four' members of the Jersey Shore. Worried abt the crappy cast members 'not carrying their weight'/dragging the show down.

Feel like maybe MTV should invite Audrina to the show. Could use her 'big titties' 2 liven things up + create more culture clash/drama.

Not sure if this tween is famous, or just a tween who shops at any mall in America

Seems like the guy from Linkin Park still has 'tons of teen angst'/h8s society. Wish he could just enjoy being rich, and banging 'tons of skanks'

Wonder if Best Coast is 'pissed' that Kid Cudi didn't invite her.

Not sure who this is, but I think they just let a crazy woman wander on stage and flop around. Pretended she is an 'artist.'

Just want to be in a famous alt rock band that has a female singer, and be a 'forgettable bro' wearing miscellaneous alt gear.

Might just build a time machine, travel 2 the future, dye my robot skin black.

Still confused abt Will.I.Am's conceptual blackface costume.

So weird how black people come in various shades of 'black', but that is the blackest black bro I have ever seen.

Did yall watch the VMAs?
Were they 'entertaining'?
Did anything 'controversial' happen?
Should they stop with the awards show, and just make it a 'talent show' or something where every1 gets 1 minute to 'make an ass out of themselves'?
Do u wish more 'crazy stuff' happened so we could meme about it on the internet?
Does Pitchfork need to create an Indie VMAs so that the indiesphere can have its own alt memes to talk about?
Are the VMA's 'real awards' or just 'bullshit'?
Do u <3 MTV?
Was there not enough 'indie shit' at this awards show?
Do u feel like every year feels the same because of the internet?
Is our culture 'evolving' or 'devolving'?
Who is ur fave human meme: Kanye, JBieb, Lady Gaga or Mad Men's Jon Hamm?
Should Justin Bieber turn his skin black [via Will.I.Am]?