Lord of the Pigs: Totally Alt performance artist rolls around naked with pigs in their own feces | Hipster Runoff

Lord of the Pigs: Totally Alt performance artist rolls around naked with pigs in their own feces

Photos via Miru Kim

If u really think abt it
We're all pigs
being farmed [via steroids + hormones + corn]
in this modern society

Spending my entire life
worrying abt so many insignificant constructs
such as 'material things', 'social status', 'financial status', and 'relationships'
That maybe it is time 4 me 2 break free
go back 2 nature
join a different species

I have accepted my role
and gone 2 live with the pigs
I am free
Free to live knowing that I was born 2 die
and be served in a delicious BLT
or perhaps some tasty BBQ sausage at a relevant SXSW Austin eatery

"Where's Human?" [via Waldo]

I have accepted the pig ppl as my own
We communicate together
Not using words
but instead by rubbing our bodies together
Sometimes we will snort
and fight over
the corn that is ours
we will fight over slop
The same way humans fight over the slop
that is presented to them [via the media]

Riding Oink Waves
This is not George Orwell's metaphorical Animal Farm
This is not the popular hit movie 'Babe'
This is not even the hit film 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua'

I am a piggy
Oink Oink Oink

No, this is not performance art
This is my new life
These are my friends
We don't talk about politics and global issues
Instead we snort and fart and shit
We cover ourselves in soil
We eat
We shit and cover ourselves in our soil shit

I feel free
No more hunting for buzzbands, thrifty clothes
No more searching for a partner 2 marry/fuck
No more of society's laws, norms, or authoritarian-wave figureheads
I am free with the pig ppl
I am the Lord of the Pigs

My skin
Right next to pig skin
sucking on mother pig's teets for nourishment

The pig ppl have embraced me
I am not coming back to your society
I do not want to eat your poison food at Chili's, Chipotle, Subway, MacDounalds
I have my own slop now
The Farmer keeps us well fed

We have pig sex
and we are thinking of starting a pig family
Not because we want a standard nuclear family
But because we have not invented imaginary things like 'birth control'
'Families', 'college', 'art', 'love', 'politics.'

I am riding oinkwaves
as the Lord of the Pigs
I am more than just a performance artist
Who wants 2 open up ur mind
2 these meaningful ideas
I srsly live with pigs now
I am typing this with feces covered hooves

Grass Fed
Farm Raised
This is freedom
This is communism
This is my oinkwave utopia

Do u want to come live on the farm with me?
Put down ur Macbook
Take off ur clothes
and come cuddle with the pigs
We'll sniff one another's asses
and I will roll around in ur shit
and u will roll around in mine
and for the first time in our lives'
We'll finally understand why we are alive

Girls Squirts SpaghettiOs out of her vagina

Do yall <3 'performance art'?
Does it send tons of positive mssgs, or is it just some1 trying too hard to 'go viral'?
Is performance art successful even when every1 thinks u look like a 'jack ass who was trying to go viral'?
Do u think this pig broad might be riding hepatitis C waves?
Do u want to live with pigs?
Are we all basically 'pigs'?
Did this performance artis 'nail it'?
Do u think u might go chill with pigs sometime just 2 see if they are more relevant than humans?
Can pigs be in buzzbands?