Is the Sleeve Scarf the next big alt fashion trend? R u gonna buy a slarf? | Hipster Runoff

Is the Sleeve Scarf the next big alt fashion trend? R u gonna buy a slarf?

Memes via Regretsy

I am always looking for progressive items of clothing that take design + fashion + functional seasonal protection to the next level. It seems like the 'slarf' aka the 'sleeve scarf' might be the next big relevant alt fashion accessory. It's always kinda weird how the coldest places on ur body are your arm and ur neck, so the sleeve scarf gives u the opportunity 2 keep both of those warm without compromising ur high level personal brand.

Sorta thought about vibing out to an NBA style shooting sleeve, just to keep my arm warm. [via Allen Iverson]

Sorta feel like it is 'alt' to wear a scarf, even when it is too warm just so people know that you are totally alt and 'fashionable' despite the weather.

I feel rlly happy that Etsy exists to give low level alt viral products an opportunity 2 thrive + be sucessful. However, Etsy designers have to realize that there is more 2 'being an online merchant' than 'going moderately viral' because of ur progressive product. It should be their goal to go 'mainstream viral', sorta like the snuggie, designing the perfect product that taps into the Middle American zeitgeist...

Only time will tell if the slarf will 'catch on' and become a relevant alt/mainstream fashion trend, but it is great to live in a progressive world where the best products, the top fashions, and the most creative, innovative, inspiring people will be featured for making quality work.

Does the slarf bro look chill?
Do u want to buy a slarf?
Is it gonna be too hot to wear a slarf to Coachella?
Should I learn how 2 crochet and start an Etsy Store with quirky products + accessories?
Would u rather wear a slarf or just a 'shooting sleeve'?

Is Etsy just where 'design majors go 2 die'?
What is the 'viral-est product of all time'?