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Is the broad from tUnE YaRdS the next female indie sex icon?

I keep hearing about this buzzband 'TUNE YARDS'
except it is spelled "tUnE YarDs" or some weird way
getting tons of buzz
ppls saying 'she's a genius'
'she writes complex, beautiful pop songs'
Getting 'close to 9.0 range from Pitchfork'

Sorta wonder if she is a 'better version of Panda Bear'
via being a '1-woman band'
U wonder if she is AnCo + Dirty Projectors + Bjork
rolled in2 the body of 1 woman

U have to wonder with that much talent
if she will 'win over the hearts of male bloggers and music critics'
ascending into Victoria LeGrand, Zooey Deschanel, Alice Glass, Maddie Follin
except she wears face paint
and bangs on shit, similar to 'Ginger Bro in Arcade Fire'

She plays her own instrument(s)
She puts on a 'compelling live performance'
She 'wrote a professional-y, acclaimed album'
What's not to like?
Would u invest in Tune Yards?
Can she go 'mainstream'?
Can she become a female 'piece of meat' that is required for most women to be successful in any industry?

Apparently her real name is "Merrill Garbus"
but u have to wonder if she is going to 'replace Bjork'
as the #1 'crazy bag/pigeon lady' in the indiesphere
Since Bjork sorta got 'too weird'
and now it feels like she 'went to space'
So now we need a more 'Earthy' weird woman
Like some1 from Portland before it got all consumer-wave Portlandia
Who just likes to vibe out and eat granola + plants

Oh Merrill....

It seems like she has some 'weird music videos'
where she acts 'artsy', which is probably 'good'
Could also say that she sound like the Dirty Projectors
Except instead of having three altbaguettes harmonizing
U just have one Merrill... I wonder if Dave Longstreth, founder of Dirty Projectors ever wishes he could 'trade' 2 ProjjieBaguettes for 1 Merrill
But he probably has a good 'master-slave' relaish with his current crop of harmonizing females

Oh Merrill Garbus...
I think I'm falling 4 u [via Colbie Caillat]

Seems like she has a 'crazy new music video' where she has a mini-me version of herself acting all Merrilly.

Is TuNe YaRds going to be 'the #1 album of the year?
Do u think she can 'go mainstream' Feist style?
Are we witnessing one of the most talented human beings in the world right now in the prime of her career?
Do her songs sound 'good' or are they just 'whatever'?
Is this just the kind of music for 'people who like live music', lesbians who like female artists, and 'people who have too much time to spend liking indie bands based on artistic merit'?
Can she become a female indie sex icon?
Does she look good, bb?

Tune Yards

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Tune Yards is some crazy lady who is a conceptual buzzband.

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