I went to watch a buzzband attempt suicide bc they wanted more attention. Goodnite LCD Soundsystem. | Hipster Runoff

I went to watch a buzzband attempt suicide bc they wanted more attention. Goodnite LCD Soundsystem.

I have been pretty surprised by the 'swan song of memes' for this LCD Soundsystem final show. Really not sure how to comprehend it all, but here are some 'conclusions I have made about my relationship with LCD Soundsystem.'

-the majority of LCD Soundsystem's songs are 25-33% too long.
-Could argue that they were 'early entrants' into the indie electro scene, and critics have allowed a lot of indielectro pioneers to 'swirl down the shitter while still being deemed relevant' because every1 is just holding on to that idea of 'what fun used 2 sound like' [via Daft Punk career arc]
-LCD Soundsystem has branded itself as 'NYC's greatest local band'
-seemed to have really high peaks, low valleys when it came to their long ass repetitive songs
-they were never going to go 'that' mainstream because James Murphy's personal brand is too old, but if a band full of 24 year olds made the same much starting right now, they would have more opportunities to make more money. They had basically reached 'capacity' on their fan base.
-I could never really tell how 'good' I thought LCD Soundsystem was, but ppl seemed to think that they are supposed to like them.
-James Murphy probably isn't like most modern indie stars who hyperactively 'monitor their perception + instant legacy' based on Google Alerts and Twitter searches, but is probably psychologically worn out due to his desire to 'have a place in the Authentic Music Hall of Fame.'

Strategically, the gimmick of 'retiring' was probably their best move possible. First of all, most buzzbands release an album every other year, probably mainly motivated by financial purposes, since they need an album to tour 'in support of'. However, 'authentic buzzbands' get away with taking 3 years between an album because their fan base is willing to wait that long and not forget about them/they have to 'hit more cities' and can tour for an extended amount of time + get paid [via relevant festival headlining slots] + throw down solo projects. Every1 know that LCD Soundsystem will 'be back' to headline a music festival, but it is just a matter of 'when?' I think that 'retiring' is basically James Murphy admitting 'I am not gonna make a new album for 3.5+ years anyways, so I might as well milk the moment and make every1 pay attention to us. Not really pointing that out to 'call him a crook', because that is ultimately the point of being in a band: hoarding attention and tricking people into thinking that you are more important than u really are when 'music' is never really 'that' innovative.

Is James Murphy 'humble' or a is he doing the modern indie gimmick of 'acting like a humble person in the body of an obsessed, driven-to-be-relevant egomaniac?'

While I do think that 'retirement' was their best career move, it sorta seems like a white flag. Modern indie buzzbands have the opportunity to either achieve one of two 'career goals':

a) go after indie cred. Search for a 10.0. Screw mainstream analytics like sales + coverage. Brand urself as 'doing it all for the music.' Maybe not even 'for the music', but just a tireless struggle to create the music that is perceived as 'what defines the current relevant indie aesthetic' over and over again.

b) go after sweet sales, tap into emerging markets, become one of the most famous-est bands in the world just based on the demand for 'indie bands' marketed as 'rock bands' to lamestreamers, but at the end of the day, some lil buzzbands can shoot for 10.0s but u get to buy property, save 4 retirement, and even get to tour in a 'bus' and 'stay in hotels' instead of pursuing authenticity by sleeping on couches and in low-rate Holiday Inns on the outskirts of suburbia by the relevant city u just played.

Which 1 would u choose?

By 'retiring', James Murphy basically said "We'll just preserve our indie cred, help our brand to marinate, leave people with a positive memory of us instead of just analyzing us the way current buzzbands are analyzed as these entities who have to prove themselves 2 each and every consumer.' It seems difficult to be in any buzzband these days due to the complex expectations of the modern indie fan, and the brand management required to navigate effectively towards 'a positive reception' both critically and commercially.

Part of me already thinks their music 'sounds better' now that I don't have to analyze them within the current context of the buzzosphere. I can think of them as an 'old friend' who I never have to hang out with so I can just reflect on the positive vibes that we once shared, even if they had major flaws and I would never want to depend on that person now that we are both 'grownups'.

Do u think LCD Soundsystem 'quit'?
Is 'retiring' an obnoxious gimmick or is James Murphy just 'a grown ass man'?
R u gonna be pissed if they are 'back' within 2.5 years?
Did James Murphy screw over his backing band members in our rough economy?
Has this whole 'retirement' gimmick been 'too much'?


Anyways, here is my photo account of my trip 2 the final LCD Soundsystem show at Madison Square Garden... Basically, just a lot of shots of a 'humble looking man dressed in a suit' 'milking his time in the spotlight.'

Photos by Brooklyn Vegan

'He looks like he has a lot going on in his head... #pray4jimmymurphy.'

'Yes. I paid $49.95 for 4 hours of music. That is actually kinda a good deal.'

'No, we're not going to church. We are just celebrating in style.'

Win Butler, Win Butler's brother and Regine Chassagne showed up 2 help sing "North American Scum." Of course, Regine stole the show, and it sorta made me hope that when Regine retires, she has a going-away-show at Madison Square Garden.

Regine looks really good in her Wednesday Addams dress.

'I am just filming a documentary. Not really into the Arcade Fire any more.' -Spike Jonez, the world's #1 concert videographer

I really hope Sad LCD AZN has her solo project lined up so she can prove that James Murphy just 'used her like a Nike employee' to craft premium mp3s that he just talked and groaned over.

Watch the entire show.

Set 1:
“Dance Yrself Clean”
“Drunk Girls”
“I Can Change
“Time to Get Away”
“Get Innocuous!”
“Daft Punk Is Playing At My House”
“Too Much Love”
“All My Friends”

Set 2:
45:33 Part One
45:33 Part Two (ft. Reggie Watts)
“Sound of Silver”
45:33 Part Four
45:33 Part Five (ft. Shit Robot)
45:33 Part Six
“Freak Out/Starry Eyes”

Set 3:
“Us V. Them”
“North American Scum” (ft. Régine Chassagne, Jeremy Garza, Win Butler, and Will Butler of Arcade Fire)
“Bye Bye Bayou” (Alan Vega cover)
“You Wanted A Hit”

Encore 1:
“Someone Great”
“Losing My Edge”

Encore 2:
“All I Want”
“Jump Into The Fire” (Harry Nilsson cover)
“New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down”

'We're still in mourning. We lost a really, really great buzzband, and I don't know if they are ever coming back. At least we watched the greatest concert of all time ever.'

Is it impossible to believe that this 4 hour James Murphy marathon could have been 'that amazing'?
Has James Murphy 'swindled' consumers?
Has James Murphy 'lied'?
Will he 'be back'?
What 'did' LCD Sounsystem mean 2 u?
Does James Murphy have a bigger ego than Avey Tare?
What is ur analysis of the LCD Sounsystem retirement gimmick?
Is it easier to romanticize your connection with LCD Soundsystem now that they are 'gone'?