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The 2011 MTV VMAs: tons of human memes trying 2 produce memes

Did yall watch the 2011 VMAs? It is actually a relatively successful mainstream awards show because they are looking to facilitate and proliferate as many memes as possible. This year, they allowed Lady Gaga 2 dress up like a man, and basically let her roll around in her own feces on stage 'trying to be deep', just because they knew that would help them 'win' twitter.

Tons of pretty standard mainstream memes happened.
Did u watch?
Are the VMAs 'too mainstream'?
Did they 'take over' ur social media feed?
Who was 'the big winner' of the VMAs?
Did any indie bands 'go mnstrm'?

I am watching the throne, yall!

"ODD FUTURE STOLE THE SHOW AND THEY RULE THE WORLD 4EVR!" -an odd future fan after odd future does anything

Katy Perry looks hot enough 2 work at my local Chinese Food Buffet restaurant

Beyonce turned her womb child in2 a meme.

'I have 99 problems, and the common problems associated with a pregnant wife's frequent mood swings and emotional needs account for the vast majority of them.'

Lil Wayne 'sags' AND 'wears skinny pants'

Nicki Minaj looking like she rolled around on the floor of a day care center.

We will never forget how he beat the shit out of Rihanna.

Britney Spears is turned on by the Guido-wave Mexi Kevin Federline

Kanye West is happy drunk

"I'd like to thank not only God, but also Jesus" -he actually said that

Kreayshawn looking like swag ass white trash

Unfunny Black Comedian Bro of the Year

The Guy from Entourage

'Yes, my meme power might not be as strong as it used to be, but this face means I still make more money than u.'

'Check out our new website--new' -the Good Charlotte bros

Have u lost weight, Jonah, bb??? #LeanCuisine


Foster the People bought their suits at Mervyn's.

It's Leto Time!

The Manager at my local El Pollo Loco

Ur so classy, Miley BB! Did u get that dress at JC Penney's?

"Justin Bieber loves to motorboat my Cha-Chas!"


MetBro World Peace

I guess we still have 2 invite Rebecca Black 2 relevant mainstream events 2 apologize 4 cyberbullying her.

"I married the funniest man in England!" "I married the 3rd sluttiest American!"

Demi Lovato's implants helped her 2 beat bullying

'ur not allowed 2 lose weight. It's part of ur gimmick.' -Adele's manager

Cool Dads

Britney Spears and the guy who brainwashes her

JC Chasez bought his clothes from THE GAP clearance rack

The new overrated, generally good looking white dude who bros overvalue comedy-wise, and women overvalue everything-wise

Lookin good, Liz BB! Will u go 2 prom with me? We'll be 'the alt couple'

'Bc ur amazing, just the way u r, bb!'

Srsly yall! i have a mini-Jay-Z in me!

Justin Bieber often has trouble determining if he is a Canadian tween boy, or a 'swag ass nigga'

Wiz Khalifa picks up Kanye West's sloppy seconds

"I come from a distant alternative land."

Ugh yall totally ruined this post.

Did yall watch the VMAs?
Was it relevant/meaningful?
What indie bands 'crossed over'?
Who 'looked good' bb?
Who looked like garbage trash?
Do u wish male Gaga would stick his peen in u?
Will u ever forgive Chris Brown 4 'beating the shit out of Rihanna'?
Is MTV the most culturally relevant TV network?
Who is ur fave Jersey Shore cast member?
Who is the #1 rapper in rap?
Do u think Kanye and Jay-Z think that Tyler the Creator is 'soft' and 'wack'?
What was the #1 moment of the VMAs?
Should Beyonce sell her eggs to a rich Arab man looking to have a pop star daughter?