Did u go 2 #VIPfest? | Hipster Runoff

Did u go 2 #VIPfest?

Pictured: Alice Glass and Ethan Kath of Crystal Castles bronoodle with DJ Frodo (aka Elijah Wood) at #VIPfest

Last Friday was #VIPfest, presented by HIPSTER RUNOFF, the Cobrasnake, and Svedka Vodka. It seemed pretty alt/relevant. That bro from Lord of the Rings showed up. I think he has a DJ career. Then Crystal Castles showed up and played a relevant bleepy bloop DJ set. Every1 enjoyed flavored Svedka, which seemed kinda alt, but potentially kinda Kool-Aid-wave.

The Cobrasnake has evolved in2 a branded human, facilitating branded experiences.

Keut shoes, bb! I like ur Desert-Storm-wave fatigues! I thought they didn't let gheys in the military!

Carles was ready 2 partie!

Branding [via Svedka]

R u VIP??

Pictured (left to right): Flosstradomus, some alt floozie, Kid Sister, Johnny Makeup, some QT bb

Yay 4 the Bulls! I <3 Chicago!

Mark Hunter shares Svedka vodka with some alt floozies

Carles photobombs 2 twinks

Do u like Cults, bb? I read abt them on some buzzblogs!

A moderately chill AZN bro showed up

Drank 2 much flavored SVEDKA vodka, ended up peeing by a dumpster

Pouring some Svedka 4 a blipster bro

Ethan burned a rlly kewl mix CD to play on the club's boombox

Miss u Alice bb... Wish u were holding my hand instead of that can of PBR...

Goodnite, #VIPfest.
Goodnite, Svedka.
Goodnite, Cobrabro
Goodnite, Lolly
Goodnite, Carles.

Did u go 2 #VIPfest?
Do u wish u were there?
Did it seem relevant or mnstrm?
R u inspired 2 try Svedka, or are 'branded experiences' wastes of money?
Is there even such thing as VIP n e more, or is every1 a VIP?


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