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What should Lana Del Rey's OFFICIAL nickname be?

Last week, the Lana Del Rey 'controversy'/'conspiracy' gave internet blogs tons of hits [link]. We discovered her dark past as a normal human named "Elizabeth Lizzie Grant." She also played her 'first show.' While she will probably go in2 dormancy while the Wizard of Oz-like record label execs decide what her next move should be, it doesn't mean we can't stop milking her meme.


a) Worst Coast
b) Lips McGee
c) :-*
e) Collagen Waver
f) The Artist Formerly Unknown as Lizzy Grant
g) The Bride of Interscope
h) LDR Soundsystem
i) DSL Soundsystem
j) Lipsy Grant
k) The Heidi Montag of Indie
l) Indie Montag
m) Unchillana del Rey
n) The Rebecca Black of Indie
o) The Lil Mainstreamer Who Could [via Record Industry $$$]
p) Lana Del Fake
q) Fake Del Rey
r) Lana Del Keyser Söze
s) iMovie video editor
t) Flower in her Hair BB
u) Big Lips McGee
v) Dr. 90210 [via Brooklyn area code adjustment]
w) Leave Lana Alone!
x) Lizzie Del Rey Grant Lana
y) I Lana Go Home! I didn't sign up 4 this! I just want to sing, now my lips are all jacked and mean indie blogs talk abt me all the time, critiquing me for the worst reasons. Even if this is helping my career [via hypeballing], I am not sure if this is really what I wanted. :-(
z) Lizzie Grant was also the name of some character on Entourage who Ari 'effed over'

aa) LN DL RY
cc) The Lipster Grifter
dd) Choose.Ur.Own.Nickname

What should her OFFICIAL nickname be?

Thanks 2 all the suggestions from twitter + theFaceBook.

Oh Lizzie... I miss the real U...

Lana Del Rey

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Lana Del Rey is a hot female indie singer. She is 'mad controversial.'

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