Is Real Estate ready to 'make the leap' to the top tier of indie alt fame & critical recognition? | Hipster Runoff

Is Real Estate ready to 'make the leap' to the top tier of indie alt fame & critical recognition?

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Real Estate - Green Aisles by DominoRecordCo

Real Estate's new album "Days" is available to stream at NPR.

It seems like every one has probably heard an MP3 by Real Estate, Ducktails, Alex Bleeker or another member of their 'collective' that extends way deeper than the AnCo collective collective. It feels like Real Estate are in a similar position to Twin Sister, another likable New Jersey wave band that had a 'charming group of MP3s'/first album/EP, but then had to 'put together a legitimate product' that can be marketed on a mainstream indie label. Both artists released their latest albums on Domino.

I can't really tell if Real Estate is a band that 'every1 has kinda heard' or a band that 'not enough people have heard'. It seems difficult to be a band that 'garners authentic vibes from tastemaking audience.' Real Estate managed to do that, but then you big to wonder about scalability. Can their sound be memorable enough to carve out some legitimate indie marketshare, making them a 'must-see' act as they tour across the country, filling iPods where ever there are eager indie fans?

The latest album seems way more 'memorable'+listenable than the latest Girls album. However, Girls has a proven track record, and the latest album sounds like they are 'serious' and 'trying very hard to be great', which are both overvalued qualities when it comes to vintage sounding rock in the post-chillwave era. What should a band like Real Estate want right now in their career? Do they want a Girls-like jizzfest? Open for some overground bands like The National? Headline shows with forgettable opening bands that do a poor impression of Real Estate?

It's hard to be a buzzband. So many decisions. So many unknown variables that you may or may not be able to control. The tastes of the fans, critics, and buzz altering powers. Personal interest in success. Identifying a realistic goal for your own buzzband. Few buzzbands have the opportunity to become 'legit' beyond just a buzzband that blogs blog even though no1 listens.

May The Buzz Gods bless Real Estate on this Upcoming Album Cycle.
In the name of the Father, Son, Holy Ghost!

Can Real Estate become a top tier indie band?
Is it all just a matter of 'PR' and 'branding'?
Do u dig the new album?
Is it a lock for 'top 10' of 2k11?
How does a buzzband go from the comforts of lofi to scalable mindie without 'sounding like shit'?
Is Ducktails bro 'better off' in Real Estate or should he go 'permanently solo' after the success of "Killing the Vibe", better known as the last Panda Bear song that sounded like the Panda Bear that we once loved?
WHat will p4k give their album?
Is it a solid piece of work, or just 'another nice sounding lofi poppy thingy'?
Can they 'break thru' and what will their buzz status be after this album cycle?
Do we want bands like Real Estate to become more than just a name that recorded a few MP3s that we listen to?