THE RETURN OF I Am Carles. | Hipster Runoff


I Am Still Carles.
U r still Carles.
We are still Carles.
Carles = Carles = You = Me = Every1 We Know

R u gonna be Carles 4 Halloween?

Which 1 matches ur vibe/personal brand?
I AM CARLES Limited 'Dubstreamer' Edition Shirt

Maybe vibe out in the I Am Carles 'Chill Vibes' White shirt. Seems chill.

Do u just want 'The Classic' I Am Carles tee?

Order by Wednesday night at 10 pm EST to get GUARANTEED HALLOWEEN DELIVERY (USA orders only).

I miss going 2 Chili's with Bebe... Time rlly flies...

Everybody Loves Bebe! <3

U look good, bb!

Maybe Ladytron was wrong... I want u long after ur seventween...


We used to run marathons 2gether. 'I used 2 rule the world' [via the Coldplays Mylo Xylotowaves]

Hitting up a relevant coffee shop, vibing with local alts.

<3 <3 <3

Getting so dark...

Vibing on some dank

Oh! The Places U'll Vibe!

I Am Alone.

Let's hit up a relevant music festival.

Oh BB...

I Am Carles. What do u order @ McDonalds?

I am having an I Am Carles launch party at my condo. You are welcome. There is a pool and a fitness centre.

Need 2 escape from my cubicle...

I am vlogging on my Macbook.

Even Unchill AZN Bro might be Carles

Purchasing an I Am Carles shirt might help u 2 pick up keut alt broads.


I Am Carl's Jr....

Let's move 2 the wilderness and write a buzzworthy ruralwave album. Let's live in the city, and vibe in public space.

Waiting 4 the world 2 change.

'Is This It?' -the Strokes

So major... So EVERYTHING.

I Am Still Carles.
I am no longer Carles.

Let's listen to bloghouse/electro/dubstep/house music.

Oh hey Tao.
How have u been? Heard u got a book deal.

Let's rapegaze 2gthr...

Sad that the saguaro will outlive me :-(



Killing time on my iPhone

I Am Carles [via 'deep' photography]

Brolores Park...

So dark...

Time 2 go t-shirt shopping at an alternative retailer

I really just wanna ride chillwaves with u...

I wanna ride dubwaves with u...

Thanks, yall!

I Am Carles. On Sale Now at

ORDER NOW so that u can be 'Carles' 4 'Halloween' if u r still 1 of those ppl who 'dresses up.'
There will be some contests for 'free shirts' announced tomorrow.


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