I met the buzzband. | Hipster Runoff

I met the buzzband.

I went to their show and I met the buzzband.
I can confirm that they are human.
I touched them. They are real.
We had direct, personal interaction.

I met the buzzband.
There are multiple members in the band.
Each of them has a unique personality.
They all deal with fans differently

One of the members is very nice. We took a photograph.
One of the members is aloof. He is okay.
One of the members is mean.
One of the members was nowhere to be found.

I met the band.
I told them how much their discography means to me.
Several members were grateful for my adoration
Several members were dismissive of my adoration

I met my buzz idols
And now
they are simply

They were even more beautiful in person
They were actually uglier in person
They were tall/short
They were smelly/smelled like flowers

Young men riding around the country in a van
occasionally stopping at their apartment to live in squalor
Several bottles of alcohol in a mediocre 'green room' every night
Plenty of regional beers

They are living an interesting life
Selling their art--they actually mean something to a lot of people
I can't help it--they inspire me.

I want to be more than just a fan to them.
I want to be more than just a super fan.
I want to be more than just a person who tweets at them on the internet
I want to me more than just a floozie who they make out with
I want to be more than just some one who has their phone number
I want to be more than just a face in the crowd
I want to be more than just a fan 'standing in the front'

I want to be best friends with a buzzband
I want to be a VIP not just at their show, but in their lives'
I want to have a plethora of stories about fun times we've had
that are infinitely more interesting than similar stories with 'normal people'

Some ppl say 'never meet ur idols'
U will either be overwhelmed and exposed by 'who they really are'
deconstructing ur mental image of them
Or u will be underwhelmed by their boringness
shocked by their lack of interest in u

It can hurt.

I met the buzzband.
I may or may not be friends with them
Tonight, they drive away
will have another adventure with a new set of people
The moment meant everything to me
A highlight of my year
that I will put on my personal 'year end list'
But what did it mean 2 them?

I met the buzzband, but did the buzzband really meet me?

Will they think of me?
Will they remember me?
Will they find some1 like me? :-(