My grandparents challenged social norms by participating in a flash mob at the local Target | Hipster Runoff

My grandparents challenged social norms by participating in a flash mob at the local Target

Digital technology and social media can be liberating for any human being, no matter your age, race, size, color, or religious background. It gives is the opportunity to capture moments 4evr, but these moments become meaningless rituals. Every year, we go to a local retailer to purchase Christmas gifts. But what if I told u that ur mundane reality was ready 2 be challenged?

At first, I was confused. Just searching for the Michael Buble/She & Him Christmas album in the music section of Target. A crappy version of Wham's "Last Christmas" came on. Old people swarmed from hidden aisles, dancing around like savages. I was annoyed. I stopped--I stared. I saw my entire life flash b4 my eyes. I saw myself growing older. This was truly their last dance. Their first and last digital footprint that will be uploaded 4evr into the cloud.

Old ppl vibing in a flash mob.
This is what it means 2 be alive.

Later that day, I was going shopping for cargo jeans at JCPenney's. It happened again. A tribe of wonderful old people, delightfully dancing around. Challenging social norms. Being alive. Celebrating. I could not escape from the zombie-like shuffle of their dance moves. Smiling, laughing, eager to share links with their loved ones.

I no longer felt afraid to grow older, uglier, fatter, irrelevant-er, out of touch-er, insane-er. Seeing these old ppl flash mob made me know 4 sure that no matter how old I was, I could still broadcast myself 2 the world. Old. Haggard. Lamestream. There is beauty in the breakdown of my body.

I settled down into the cafeteria for a jello dinner. It happened again. Confused. Alive. Sad. Alone. Together. The feelings of a flash mob. The feelings of an old person.

When u r old, will u participate in flash mobs?
Did these old ppl 'kill the vibes' or challenge social norms?
Do these old ppl make u feel 'alive' or 'effing doomed'?
Do old ppl make u smile, or do they make u cry?
Will u put ur parents in a home that facilitates flash mob behavior, or will they just be put on tons of meds and left to gaze into a tv screen while they shovel liquid-based foods into their mouths?