Why 'Mad Men' is for high-end honky ass white people. | Hipster Runoff

Why 'Mad Men' is for high-end honky ass white people.

Mad Men is a celebration of white ass white people for the modern iteration of white ass white people. It is a simple show where white people can pretend that they would have been rich if they lived in the 1960s because they would have been so much more self-aware than the other simpleton honkies.

Some how, 'high-end' television has turned into a celebration of honkydom, where honkies can watch honkies doing honky ass things. It doesn't matter if said honkies are living in the 1960s or the 2000s--honkies find comfort in watching honkydom from any era. To most honkies, watching the evolution of honkies into a honky super-intellectual race is something that honkies can't get enough of.

The worst thing about honkies is that they love celebrating 'culture' when 'culture' is actually just the idea that honkies run the world. That's partially why the blogosphere has been so successful: honkies patting themselves on the back about a high-end honky worldview that is perpetuated by honky ass college grads who write things on the internet as if they matter. Honkies love 'recapping' honky ass TV shows, writing about dumb, honky tv shows like the entire honky race is on the line.

Some say that 'podcasting' is the ultimate honky artform.

An entire industry has been built out of creating strategically dramatic shows for predictable honkies who perceive themselves as 'consuming culture' in its highest form. In reality, Mad Men is the Lana Del Rey of television shows. It slipped in 'under the mnstrm radar', appealing to indie honkies and tastemakers before it went totally mainstream. However, high-end honkies still believe that Mad Men is a cultural institution because honkies don't know how to turn on high-end honky art, even when it is really boring.

Mad Men is successful because it taps into the societal truism that all honkies want to be 'hate fucked.' Sex is no longer a pleasurable, sensual experience because of the pressures of modern society. Instead, all honky women just want to be 'choked out' and have their 'daddy' 'give it to them' like 'the lil sluts that they are.' Honkies watch so much pornography that the only way they can 'get off' is by having aggressive honky hate sex.

All of the characters in Mad Men are just a bunch of insecure honky archetypes for high-end honkies to 'relate to', because honkies don't realize that they are 'just honkies,' not some sort of super-race of hyperintellectual people that define culture and can only be represented by metaphors in trying-2-hard- tv shows.

Don Draper is just an alpha-honky who is easy to insert into a honky hate-sex fantasy. This is the cornerstone of Mad Men's honky appeal to the high-end honkies.

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