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Coachella Weekend 4 Recap

Where am I? There are people playing polo. Up until this point, I thought 'Polo' was just a brand for frat bro d-bags to wear so that they'd look 'rich', even though they are basically wearing an Old Navy polo with some lil horsey centaur guy on it. I guess that's cool.

People on horses. I don't really vibe to horses, though. If I wanted to see a sporting event, I would have gone to the Super Bowl. I was hoping to see buzzbands at Coachella Weekend 4, but I guess it's sorta similar to Coachella Weekend 3. No buzzbands anywhere. No babes in hot clothes. Just rich people playing polo, as if they live in Great Britain or something.

It got hot, so I went to a local Sonic: America's Drive In to have a Diet Cherry-Limeade. It tasted pretty sweet, so I was confident that it was not 'Diet.' Ass holes. They also brought me fried jalapeno poppers instead of what I ACTUALLY ordered: monzy sticks and chicken poppers. What can I say? I'm just a sucker for chicken in popcorn format.

Truthfully, the jalapeno poppers were deece. Not the best I've had--but deece for a fast food restaurant. Some scalding cream cheese burned my mouth. I felt sad that I was not watching buzzbands. I sold so much plasma to pay for gas money to get to Indio, California.

Should I even bother going to Coachella Weekend 5?

Bummed vibes. Super bummed.