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Coachella Weekend 7 Recap

Memorial Day Weekend was pretty good, I guess. Decided to drive down to Coachella [Weekend 6]. Time flies from weekend to weekend, but it feels like the only thing I truly have to look forward to in life is Coachella.

Anyways, couldn't really find any one around.

Sorta sucked.

Went to Olive Garden. Had to decide what to eat. Waitress was kinda being a bitch. You know, when they make it feel like you are taking up their section? Sorta like that. Maybe because I was a lone bro sitting at a four person table.

Wanted some chicken parmesan, or maybe 'The Tour of Italy' that features pasta, lasagna, and chicken parmesan, but it was really hot outside and I get super sick if I am full and the temperature is over 91 degrees.

Decided to go with unlimited salad and breadsticks. Waitress looked at me all pissed off. I was like 'cmon. I am NOT gonna sit here all day eating these greens and breadsticks. Just let me have this moment to myself.' She was mean. I don't understand why she was a waitress if she was just going to be angry at customers.

Didn't see any buzzbands, but got a few rounds of fresh breadsticks. Salad had olives. Personally, not a big fan.

All in all, the weekend was a bust, and I'm never going back to Olive Garden again.

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