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I went to Coachella Weekend 5 [COMPLETE RECAP]

I keep going to Coachella. I'm not sure why. I've already been Weekend 3 AND Weekend 4. There wasn't a festival. I didn't even get out of the car. I ended up going to a local Wendy's. Have you ever been there?

It turns out they started serving breakfast. Things have changed a lot since Dave Thomas passed away. I'm not sure if he ever tasted the vanilla Frosty, but I'm sure it made him roll over in his grave. Anyways, breakfast wasn't that good. I am just not really into ciabatta bread, especially when it is offered as some sort of 'high end' bread 4 lamestreamers. My hashbrowns were cold. My eggs were too fake and my bacon might have been fake, too. Maybe I should have ordered a breakfast burrito, but I feel weird getting 'Mexican' food at American fast food restaurants. It's basically just the same food crammed into a lukewarm flour tortilla that tastes like paper.

I probably should have gone to a diner or a local place with premium choices. Maybe order an egg white omelet with fresh vegetables and a sensible meat portion. Avoid fried potatoes, maybe enjoy a small cup of oatmeal. One time I got oatmeal at McDonalds and it was terrible. Watery, undercooked oats in a cup of hot water.

I didn't see any bands, celebrities, or anything interesting. I ended up killing some time at Target and bought some socks. They were 3 for $12. I thought it was a good deal. I hope the elastic doesn't wear out.


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