Middle Aged Man goes to a Skrillex show, morphs into RAGING dubstep VIP dbag | Hipster Runoff

Middle Aged Man goes to a Skrillex show, morphs into RAGING dubstep VIP dbag

Photos by The Cobrasnake

Middle Aged Man.
Searching for something more.
Middle Aged Man.
Career going very well.

Meet Mitchell. Go ahead and call him "Mitch." He is in middle management at a regional Samsung supplier, a liaison to partners in the Far East and a well-respected project manager within the company. Mitch posted huge numbers in 2012-Q1. The biggest thrill of his life was watching the birth of his only son, Mitchell Jr. Well, besides the time he had to go to Thailand and purchased sex from a she-male prostitute. Mitch has a dark side, tired of his life. Tired of his job. Tired of day to day responsibilities. Tired of the way he looked. The way he felt. The way young people looked at him as if he didn't exist, just a boring background face in their lives'.

This night had been a long time coming for Mitch.

The night it all changed was a Samsung Galaxy S III launch party. He had never heard of Skrillex. He had never heard dubstep. He had never even been to a sponsored event with an open bar. Over the course of the night, Mitch found a new scene where he truly belonged.

He felt the dub, the womp womp, the bass, the youth, the feelings, the vibes, the emotions in his entire body.

Mitch was finally free. The person he never had the opportunity to be. Tonight, Mitch was a bottle poppin VIP ass nigga, tearing up the club. The club truly could not handle Mitch right now.


Mitch had so much confidence in his new environment. He felt like any girl could be his. He approached with his failsafe Mitch 2.0 line, "Do you know who I am, bb?"

Young people looked at Mitch and at first it looked like he didn't belong. But the way Mitch partied was admirable. By the end of the night, every one was friends with Mitch. Mitch insisted on ordering rounds of shots for the entire party even though the alcohol was free.

We can learn a lot about the human spirit from Mitch. Maybe we're all just searching for a fun place, young, pretty people, and most importantly, an open bar. Maybe we're all just scavenging this Earth for a free drink, a good friend. A pal like Mitch. Even though something like a product launch is what brought us all together, maybe we need to focus on the pure vibes of a free spirit like Mitch.

Maybe we learned that the spirit of Skrillex can invade any one, despite their age, size, race, nationality, or sexual orientation. Perhaps the power of the Samsung Galaxy Android Phone is inside of us all.

O Mitch...
No1 does it like u, Mitch...
U truly have infinite swag

Last night, the entire world belonged to Mitch.


Did this Middle Aged Man turn into a VIP raver d-bag?
Or is he the purest, alt-est soul of 2k12?
Is 'craft beer' the only thing that a middle aged man can taste?
What did u learn from the Story of Mitch?


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Mitchell, aka Mitch, is a partying middle aged bro.

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