I dropped a sick DJ set at a local McDonalds. | Hipster Runoff

I dropped a sick DJ set at a local McDonalds.

Hey it's me.
DJ 50 Piece McNugget
Go ahead and get me some sweetnsour sauce
and a McFlurry

Spinnin the fuckin EDM hits at MCD
RAGING like we're at #ULTRA, #HARDfest, or #EDC
This McDonalds is my church
and u r all fucking vibing
to my SICK skills
and my HARD set

The smooth sounds of quarter pounders with cheese
the complexity of the Spicy McChicken Sandwich
The value of 2 apple pies for 99 cents
The selectivity of Chicken Selects...

Coca Cola Products

Strawb Sundaes
Ice cream cone

This DJ set is a Happy Meal
for fucking Mighty Kids
Dropping a BIG MAC
feel it in your stomach

This isn't some value menu ass shit
Get your mother fucking McGriddle ready
We're not ordering oatmeal today
Not fucking apple wedges or salad shakers

U think u Egg McMuffin?
But you have no fucking idea
what it takes to make the hotcakes
Don't tell me ur gonna get a parfait
My DJ set is a fucking hashbrown

I'm gonna Angus Deluxe the shit out of this
Snack Wrap ur vibes
Tons of McBites
Hi-C Orange LavaBurst

McRib. Out

If u had a DJ set at McDonalds, what would it be like?