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Rihanna exploits #seapunk genre in SNL performance, genre is now over.

#Seapunk is a genre that doesn't really have any music, it is just an 'aesthetic' that involves 1990s electronic vibes, Second Life and virtual reality graphics, and failed Microsoft Windows aesthetics. The 'movement' never really had a following, but it was just kinda funny that a musical genre existed only in the context of a Tumblr/Twitter hashtag. This 'visual aesthetic' may or may not be popular on the internet, which means it is 'kewl', which means that mnstrm 'artists' will exploit it and 'bastardize' 'what once was pure.'

#seapunk is probably dead now bc Rihanna took it to the lamestream with her SNL performance.

U can tell that the entire meme was memefied to appeal to meme lovers who meme-out to meme events on the internet that simulate IRL via the visual representation of #seapunk. U can see the colours, shapes, memes, dolphins, floating shit, and other memes that are all s00o0o seapunk. What a sad day 4 the #seapunk movement. Is it finally ovr?

Right now, #seapunkers every where are crying 3D tears into a portal of sadness, filling up a sea of swimming 3D dolphins who are swimming in a visual representation of outerspace.

'This culture used to belong to us. We made this. This was once ours. Now, the desire to resonate through social media and the content farm media architecture of today has made the game not what it used to be. #seapunk has reached its sad final act.' -excerpt from a '#seapunk is dead think piece'

I guess we just live in a time where #tweens run the world, and all they care abt is reblogging the 'kewl looking' visual aesthetics on Tumblr, saying "LOL. This looks kewl, yall!"

It is truly a sad day for #seapunk. The genre might never be the same.

What comes next after #seapunk?
Did Rihanna also 'dress like Crystal Castles'?
Will the mnstrmrs ever stop stealing 'our' culture?
Did this performance 'kill it'?
Was it 'trying 2 hard' 2 be like Conway West's SNL performance?

New York Times profiles seapunk genre. Has #seapunk arrived or is it just a dumb Tumblr hashtag?


Do u think she is sad abt this dead genre?



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