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The Most Overrated Bands of 2k12 [Don't Believe the Buzz]



11. Purity Ring and Tanlines

I don't really see these groups as 'real bands' even though they are 'trying' as artists to have a vision and message or whatever. They are still compartmentalized into eCommerce projects thru the Pyramid Scheme that is the Corrupt Indie Machine. I feel like they only appeal to people who are still holding on to an idea of 'what indie should look/sound like circa 2k9 post-AnCo bubble.' Whatever. They will play festivals for the next _ years just by virtue of looking/sounding like they do.

10. Grizzly Bear

I can never tell if people think they are 'criminally underrated' or if ppl resent them [via overrated] for excessive quality control and consistent product over time.

Also, I have no idea what that ice skater bitch is doing in this video.

9. Tweens on Youtube

Tweens on Youtube think that their shit doesn't stink. They believe that they are 'creating beautiful art' but they are actually just a new form of content providing for mindless tweens and bored ass ppl. I guess that's all any 'entertainment' really is. I guess we should all just off ourselves.

8. Japandroids

'Emo / emocore is back, yall! Pure emotion. Aggressive Bliss. This is what rocknroll should be about!'

I thought this album was pretty solid, but that's only because I listened to Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional, Saves the Day and tons of other WEIRD emo/yelling albums between 2k2-2k4. I wonder what people from that 'scene' are doing NOW. However, I feel like Japandroids are 'rock critic bait', just for older dudes who think they are 'holding on to something kewl' by praising this type of music. Seeing them live, and tweeting something positive about their lives' being changed by a single concert.

7. M83

Dude yalls album came out in 2k11. Feels like they are still in 'full album cycle' mode. We get it. U wrote 'Midnight City', which was on a NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL MUSIC. They are milking it for all its worth, running around on stage emotionally banging on instruments. I guess we should be happy for them [via maximizing their $$$ opportunities], but I hope they 'shelve it' soon.

6. Beach House

Beach House's 'Bloom' wasn't really that great or fresh sounding. They had climbed so high with Teen Dream that a regression to the mean of their output was expected, but still, every1 enjoys creaming their pants over them. That means they are OVERRATED in 2k12, but I guess maybe 'being overrated' is a right that you earn in the indie game. Anyways, this album put me 2 sleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I guess Beach House needs 'an experimental phase.'

5. Cat Power

I think it's time to stop pretending that Cat Power still has 'talent' worth 'waiting around for. She was 'really hyped' 10 years ago, then tons of female singer-songwriters like Feist stole her market share. She had a bunch of meltdowns, got married to Giovanni Ribisi, converted to scientology because of him, released this most recent album, announced she was no longer with Ribisi, cut her hair, colored it blonde, looked like a past-her-prime-washed-up-porn-star-making-a-comeback, had to cancel her tour due to illness. I believe that she is still in debt to the Scientologists.

Anyways, it's just time to 'give up' on her and stop pretending like she still has something left in the tank. Cat Power is just a formative figure of indie who never panned out. The end.

4. Diplo

Diplo produced Usher's "Climax" and ppl in 2k12 were in this dumb phase of being all like 'dude hiphop r&b is legit, dawg.' The thing is that Diplo doesn't even really 'produce' these. He just has a team of unbranded slaves who are actually making these songs (so no offense to them for their hard work). He is a 'producer/DJ mogul', but part of me hopes he turns into the next Scott Storch [via losing it all] after 'being on top of the game' just because he was addicted to the illusion of the hiphop lifestyle..

We can also blame Diplo for 'signing' Riff Raff and Three Loco. Thanks a lot for 'lending ur brand' to this shit so now 'music content farms' cover it like it is 'real' or something. Super sad. I sorta wish Diplo has stayed with M.I.A. and compromised his career just to 'keep that crazy bitch happy.'

Also 'Expressing Yourself' was an overrated meme. I've seen way better amateur porn on Twitter already. #TittieTuesday

3. Frank Ocean

I actually like Frank Ocean a little bit more than when he first came out. Remember when he CAME OUT [via saying he was gay] to help the buzz with his album? I'm still not sure if he is gay/bi or whatever, but I guess that was a 'good move' by him because now his song is being played on the lamestream radio. I still don't know if he is actually a member of Odd Future, but it seems likely that he will be the only 'member of Odd Future' that ppl will remember in 2-10 years.

Anyways, he is overrated just bc the indie scene is 'so desperate' to phase out 'white dudes on guitar' and now they just want to 'create the next Kanye West' [via 10.0]. It'll never happen. Indie should focus on 'keeping the whites' in power.

2. the xx

I watched/listened to this Jamie xx Boiler Room DJ set and felt confused. Why did Jamie XX let the xx put out such a boring album? He must be so bored to have to 'play live' with the other 2 and their mediocre guitar/bass. Hopefully he releases a remixes album that will probably 'save' Coexist.

For example, here is the song "Reconsider" with Jamie XX's SICK BEATZ.

Here is the boring version without the remixing/beatz.

I really feel like this album would have been 'best of 2k12' if they had just let Jamie XX PIMP OUT these songs.

2k12 was the year that the XX turned in to "The ZZ."

1. Grimes

See that bitch? U might not recognize her. She looks like a fringe alt performer from the year 2k8, playing in the background of a relevant dive bar on an off night. It's actually Grimes, back when she 'looked a mess', but a wholesome alt mess.

I can't believe after 2k12, she has 'evolved' in2 this. A cleaned up 'it girl' wearing borrowed high-end fashions just to be in mainstream magazines.


All of Grimes's 'good' songs have been around for like 2-3 years already. 2k12 was just a boring year, and Grimes 'looked interesting' and 'sounded more interesting' than most shit, so I guess she reaped the benefits. Also she filled up the 'post-LDR vacuum/meme bubble burst'. I have no idea if she can write another good song even though she sees herself as a 'producer', I just think that the next album will be pretty bad, but people will still be like 'dude! new grimes!' because she is 'famous.' Now her shows are filled with those 15-20 year old girls who 'go to a concert in an alt-looking outfit.'

Sigh. I miss the Old Grimes. Back when she would do tons of drugs and suck on titties. Before she was controlled by her label, manager and publicists. Back when she was a liberated artist, not just a corporate entity whose sole purpose was to be featured content (video and photo) on as many media outlets as possible.

R I P 2k12.

What was the most overrated band/song/mp3/album of 2k12?